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5 Tips to Plan the Best Road Trip
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After being cooped up indoors, we all want to take a break and get away from it all. Traveling is a good way to get a break and recharge. Before you start planning for that quick getaway, here are some tips to keep in mind. These tips will ensure that you get the most fun, stay safe, and keep stress away during your road trip.

1. Plan Your Route and Stop Overs

The first part of a plan for any road trip is to pick a destination. Once you’ve made your choice, check the maps and research online for the quickest route to get there. Check what stop overs you will be making on your way there and on your way back home. Stop overs usually include any checkpoints, toll gates, food places and gas stations. You should be prepared with the necessary items you need to go through these locations more quickly.

Take into consideration who you will be bringing with you on your road trip. For example, if you will be traveling with older people or kids; plan a route along roads with several locations where you can take toilet breaks.

Make sure to allocate ample time for whatever you will be doing for each stop over. Check the weather and traffic situation on the days of your trip. This means that you will be able to enjoy each stop over as much as you want to.

2. Allow for Spontaneity

You need to plan your road trip carefully but still have fun during the journey. Make sure you have ample time for other interesting stop overs and activities that you might encounter along the way. You might find that the locals have a better suggestion for a stop over than the one you originally intended. It is better to have a plan before hand on how you will decide for these kinds of situations.

If your destination is not a popular travel spot, information about it might not be updated; so be prepared for surprises. For example, that tranquil beach you saw online might now be a resort where locals flock to. If this happens, try to look at the bright side of the situation instead of dwelling on your disappointment.

3. Allocate Your Budget

A solid budget plan is important for any road trip so think about your budget carefully. Calculate and write down the total budget for the entire trip and break down of where the budget will go. Budget for what food to bring with you and other extra items you need to buy during the trip. Do the same for your personal budget so you include items such as local delicacies and souvenirs, for example.

Be sure to include required personal safety items such as face masks and sanitizers. Have a budget for safety items too in case your car breaks down before you arrive at your destination.

Your budget should also include entrance fees, gas and other extra expenses that you might incur along the way. Don’t forget to prepare actual cash on hand. There might not be ATMs or debit and credit cards are not accepted as payments in your destination. This is especially true for most mom and pop food places and souvenir stores in the provinces.

4. Prepare Your Electronics and Entertainment

A plan is good but the actual road trip will take several hours. Ample entertainment is key to keeping the atmosphere fun and enjoyable all thru the trip. You might pass some areas with poor Internet connectivity. Be prepared by loading your mobile device or tablet with enough music and/or movies to entertain you along the way.

Charge your electronic gadgets to full and prepare extra batteries. Make sure your power banks and digital devices are fully charged so you won’t run low on entertainment and energy. Bring emergency power supplies too, like a fully charged flash light. Also prepare your IDs and travel documents if you need to go through check points.

5. Clean, Prep and Pack the Car Properly

Make sure that your car is in top shape when you plan for the road trip. Have your car thoroughly cleaned. Make sure that all the scheduled, preventive maintenance is completed so your car doesn’t break down during the trip. Ensure that safety precautions have also been installed properly. You don’t want to get flagged for failing to comply with personal safety and travel guidelines.

Don’t forget to bring a spare tire and some tools for any mishaps. You might need to troubleshoot along the way. If your engine is prone to over heating, bring water for the car as well.

Last but not the least, plan how to pack everything you need in the space that your car allows. Decide which items you need to bring with you and what you can just buy on the road. Try to pack only what you will need.

You will need to pack light if you have travel buddies and your car is smaller. Plan what you can put in the back of the car. Decide what each person can bring with them in their bags. This way you can all enjoy the trip comfortably and safely.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when planning your road trip. Be well prepared so you can stay comfortable and safe and have fun on the trip. Don’t forget to be open to new adventures along the way.

Got more tips for a road trip? We would love to hear them.

If you’re planning to go abroad, be sure to observe proper travel etiquette so you enjoy your trip. Of course, you should observe these during your local travels too. For first time travelers, here are some worthy travel goals to inspire you.

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