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Always in Style with The Little Black Dress
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Be always in style with a little black dress or LBD in your closet. This basic closet must-have is one of the legacies of Coco Chanel. Depending on the accessories and footwear, it can be worn for different occasions. If you haven’t got one, be sure to look around for an LBD that suits your style.

One is never over-dressed or underdressed in a little black dress.

Karl Lagerfield

The LBD comes in many styles to choose from, not just “little”. You can also choose one with a longer hem instead. This dress can match or change with your personal style or mood. There are many advantages to having a go-to LBD in your wardrobe.

It’s Practical

Need to go from board room to dance floor? A little black dress is a practical garment that you can wear to almost any occasion. It is very versatile and can take you from day to night; from office to party place just with a change of accessories, or none at all. You can dress it up for parties or tone it down for formal functions. You can use scarves, belts, jewelry; even handbags and shoes! You can change your accessories for every event or for every mood. Your LBD can help you dress for success!

It’s Discreet

Buying a dress for an unforeseen party or formal event? Go for the little black dress. Did you buy it cheap from a thrift store? No one will really notice. An LBD can help make you look expensive even on a budget. Black can hide imperfections in tailoring as well. It can save you from worrying about stains showing up. if you spilled your wine or some soy sauce on it, no problem. Enjoy the occasion and worry about the washing later.

It’s Flattering

We all know that black can make you look slimmer. Flowy fabric can hide some curves in the wrong places. The little black dress can serve as a perfect canvass to highlight your makeup or your favorite accessory. Got a statement necklace you want to show off? The LBD will give you the right background to make it more noticeable. Wearing an LBD can also boost your confidence as you get compliments from people around you.

It’s Classic

Finally, the LBD is a fashion essential that will never go out of style. It is the most common go-to dress for many people; from celebrities to office workers. From past Hollywood celebrities to new pop sensations; the LBD has never been left behind. Fashion designers and stylists always have an LBD in their style collections and seasonal staples. There are many fashion trends that make a comeback each year. The little black dress on the other hand, has never gone out of style.

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Feature Image: Original Image by Peter David from Pixabay.

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