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Dress Different, Think Different
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How we dress can affect our mood and our mood can affect our thoughts. Our mind and body are connected so our thoughts also affect how we act. If you dress different, you think different too. So if you want to feel good and think positive thoughts, try to dress for success even if you’re working from home. Dress in your favorite clothes or the clothes that make you look and feel your best.

Make sure that you are comfortable in what you’re wearing so you can maintain your positive mood and thoughts the whole day. Try to experiment which clothes make you feel good and give you good vibes. You’ll know your clothes are working for you if you feel comfortable in them and you get compliments from people when you’re wearing them.

Dressing yourself up and dressing differently can be hard to do if you don’t have the essential items. Not sure if your wardrobe has what you need? Check if you already have these closet must-haves. If you already have these items, then go ahead and see if you have these recommended items for a woman’s wardrobe or a man’s wardrobe. Having these closet staples will allow you to dress different, any way you want, for most occasions. You can start to “think different” about yourself as you experiment with new styles.

You can dress yourself up quicker if you have an organized wardrobe. It’s easy to see what style options you have when you open your closet. It also makes it easier to see what items you need to add and what items you can already toss out or give to someone else.

Don’t know how to start? First, get on with decluttering your home and your closet. Then, check out these tips on how to get a new wardrobe. It’s a long process but it’s worth the effort. Once you’ve done the work, you can have a happy time experimenting with new styles. See how your new style benefits your mood and improves your confidence. More importantly, observe how your interaction with people becomes better as you gain more confidence to present yourself to the world.

Updated. First published on Pinoy Smart Living 2018.11.05.
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