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Fashion Essentials in The New Normal
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The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live our lives in many ways. It has also had a major impact in the way we dress and think. We now put more attention to comfort and safety in the clothes that we wear. What do you wear to an online meeting? What are the fashion essentials that we must consider in the new normal?

The basic fashion essentials have evolved to include items that focus on keeping us safe and healthy as we adapt to the new normal. Check to see if you have these items already. Add them to your wardrobe if you don’t have them yet.

Hand Sanitizer

This is not news but it’s necessary to emphasize this. A hand sanitizer is one of the basic fashion essentials in the new normal. It’s a must-have accessory that needs to be in your pocket or bag or hanging on your keychain at all times.

Some of us already have these in our daily purse or bag. It’s not just useful for keeping your hands clean, but also to keep your work areas clean. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. They also come in gel-type, foam-type and as a spray. Make sure to pick one that also has natural ingredients for moisturizing so you don’t end up with dry, cracked hands.

Face Mask

This is now a basic fashion must-have. Not having one on you when you go out could land you in a police station. Fortunately, this pandemic has sparked a lot of creativity in the design of this accessory. There are different colors and styles available to cater to unique personal preferences.

For those who prefer to go minimalist or neutral, there are face masks in cute, pastel colors. Of course, there’s also the go-to black face mask to match almost every style, for those who want the classic look. Go for washable ones that you can use multiple times so you can stay eco-friendly while looking stylish.

Face Shield

For those who want extra protection, there are face shields in designs that will complement your style. Face shields are generally transparent but some parts of it can be styled in different ways.

Just like the face mask, you also have many style choices for the face shield to suit your personal taste. If you don’t want to fuss too much about it, then just go for the basic, transparent one.

Meeting-Ready Top

Even though most of us have become comfortable working from home in our favorite personal outfits, we do need to make the effort to look presentable in our online meetings. Fortunately, most of us already have one, or several of these, as one of the fashion essentials in our wardrobe; it’s still very useful in the new normal.

A button down shirt is a basic fashion must-have that comes in handy for when you need to attend an online meeting. Just make sure it’s well-ironed and fits you comfortably so you look well put-together, especially if your meeting is recorded. It would be great to wear a matching pair for the bottom but if you’re just wearing shorts or your pajamas, just remind yourself to stay in your chair the whole meeting.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Some of us need serious protective gear. This is for medical workers but also for those who need to go back to working in their offices and need to interact with other people. While medical professionals require medical-grade PPEs, the fashion-forward need not worry as there are styles that offer the extra layer of protection without being too inconvenient to wear.

There are wrap-around PPE dresses in various colors and fabrics that you can layer over your regular clothes. If you’re the sporty type, then opt for the 2-piece PPE that combines a top jacket (usually with a hood) and bottom pants (some look like jogging pants) that look like a track suit when worn together. There are also one-piece PPEs that come in different styles and colors. Most of these are made with water-resistant fabric that makes them easy to clean.

Easy Clean Shoes

We now know that the coronavirus can survive on various surfaces for a number of hours and even days. That’s why we need to disinfect ourselves and our clothes before we enter our homes. Footwear is often overlooked as it is not easy to just throw them in the washing machine like our clothes. Thus, jelly shoes have made a comeback as they require no-fuss cleanup.

Jelly shoes are made of plastic materials that are designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to clean with just soap and water. You can wipe them clean with disinfectant wipes for daily use too. They come in various colors and designs to suit your style. Different brands also offer them in different price ranges to suit your budget.

For those who’d rather stay with their favorite shoes, there are also plastic shoe covers that you can wear over your favorite pair of footwear so they don’t get dirty. These come in different styles and are also washable so you can use them multiple times.

These are the basic fashion essentials that you need to consider as you go about your day in the new normal. With these items, you can still express your personal sense of style while keeping yourself protected at all times.

Feature Image: Original Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash.

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