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fashion items to buy during this pandemic
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The fashion industry is one of the biggest hit industries by COVID-19. The lifestyle of people changed. And this in turn led to a shift in consumer buying preferences. Many fashion brands already closed stores. But this does not mean that people have stopped buying clothes altogether. There are still fashion items that are still worth your money even during a pandemic. Let’s face it. Fashion is still a part of life even though many people prefer to stay at home. So, what are the fashion items to buy during this pandemic?

1. Activewear

People used to buy activewear to work out. But almost a year and half into the pandemic, people are now using it for everyday activities from going to the grocery, ordering take-out or even just by simply lounging at home. It is now the favorite work-from-home outfit by many.

2. Flats, Sandals and Slippers

Since work-from-home is the new trend, there has been a shift to casual dressing. Dress shoes, heels and stilettos are now taking a back sit as people prefer wearing comfortable footwear. Flat heels, sandals, slip ons and of course the slippers are now the fashion essentials when it comes to footwear.

3. Masks

Whether vaccinated or not, masks offer an added layer of protection in the new normal. Yes, you can choose to wear a regular surgical mask but you can also opt to use the face mask as a statement piece. By choosing to wear a non-disposable mask, you are not only making yourself fashionable but also doing your share in helping the environment.

4. Sleepwear

Gone were the days where sleep wears are used solely for sleeping. Thanks to the pandemic, pajamas and other forms of sleepwear have been part of the new normal. What was used to be considered a luxury item has now become an essential item as more and more people use pajamas at home.

5. Sling Bags

Aside from wearing face masks, a hand sanitizer has become an essential item in the new normal. Because of this, we need to have a type of bag wherein we can easily access our hand sanitizer, tissue or wallet without touching too many surfaces. Sling bags are the perfect accessories. They are practical, ergonomic and user-friendly.

6. White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is one of the must-have items in any person’s closet. It is chic, simple, classic and goes well with anything. It is a closet staple for every fashionable celebrity, fashion icon and stylish person. During this pandemic where people prefer wearing casual clothes, the white sneakers are your go-to shoes.

7. Zoom Tops

With so many travel restrictions in place, video conferencing has been the new norm. Companies now resort to virtual meetings. However, as much as we are comfortable with our pajamas and loungewear, they do not exactly complete our “professional image”. Thus, we need tops that will give us that polish and professional look yet at the same time comfortable enough to wear at home.

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