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feel good korean dramas
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It is now normal to feel down these days with all the negative things happening around us. It is okay to not be okay every once in a while but we cannot allow the negative emotions to control our lives. We have to do our part in turning our day into a good day. If you are a Korean drama fan, what better way to do it than watching lighthearted feel good Korean Dramas.

1. Crash Landing on You (2019)

Crash Landing on You is about a South Korean heiress who crash landed in North Korea. She was paragliding when a sudden storm blew her over towards the other side of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. She was then captured by a North Korean captain with his subordinates who were assigned to patrol the area. The story revolves around their adventure as the group tries to return her to South Korea without alarming local authorities.

Video Credit: The Swoon

Although the storyline sounds heavy because it touches a very sensitive topic. the relationship between North and South Korea; the drama proved to be quite the opposite. It is one of the few dramas wherein you will laugh so hard yet also cry so hard. The story is so good that it will be hard not to binge-watch. And then put two good-looking veteran actors with superb chemistry on the cast. They have the perfect formula for good Korean drama. No wonder, it is one of the most viewed Korean dramas of all time.

2. Full House (2004)

Based on a manhwa, it is about an inspiring scriptwriter who was tricked by her friends and lost her house named “Full House”, which was built by her father. The house was sold to a celebrity. In her desire to get the house back, she entered into a contractual relationship and they ended up living together. Initially, they don’t get along well but they later fall in love with one another.

This one is a classic romantic comedy. Although compared to dramas of today, this might seem a bit dated for some, the actors did a good job in making their actingMr Q believable. It is light, funny and romantic to see the leads finally give in to one another’s feelings after so much bickering. This is one of the first dramas responsible for starting the whole Korean wave thing.

3. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

The story is about a dentist who lost her job in the city and decided to move to a seaside village in the country. There she met a mysterious man, who is well-loved by the town people. He helps everyone around the town including the new dentist.

Video Credit: The Swoon

As of this writing, the drama is still showing but it has already become the highest-rated drama in cable television history. Although the whole story is yet to be revealed; so far, it is a simple heartwarming romantic story of ordinary people away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

4. Lie to Me (2011)

Lie to me is about a nice, beautiful and single since birth civil servant. In order to not lose face with her friend who she felt betrayed her after the latter married her long-term crush; she lied to she is already happily married. After another friend saw her with the male lead, a rich heir to a hotel conglomerate, rumors started circulating that she is married to the chaebol. One lie led to another and another which led to the two agreeing to pretend to be married.

The story is a classic old-fashioned type of romance that is just light and sweet. With a charming female actress, great chemistry among the leads and a simple plot, it is one of those dramas that you can rewatch again and again.

5. Mr. Queen (2020)

The story is about an overconfident male chef in the Blue House who got transported back in time. He suddenly found himself in the body of a queen during the Joseon period. He did his best to get out of the chaos but had no choice but to make the most of the situation. It is all about his struggle with his identity and at the same time his discovery of the power struggle happening around him during that time.

Mr. Queen is not just your typical time travel romantic comedy. It has an intense historical plot but at the same time very hilarious. Some scenes will make you laugh uncontrollably. It succeeded in making the viewers feel a roller coaster of emotions.

6. My Love From Another Star (2017)

This drama is about an actress who fell in love with her next-door neighbor who happens to be from another star. Yes, literally an alien who has been in Korea since Joseon dynasty who is finally completing his mission on earth and is set to go back to his planet in 3 months’ time. The self-absorbed, beautiful and crazy actress kept on getting involved with his neighbor that he was forced to save her multiple times using his supernatural powers. And before they knew it, sparks began to fly.

The drama is sweet, silly and very funny. The lead actress is very beautiful yet outrageous and very hilarious. The lead actor is handsome, cold yet very knowledgeable. He has all the characteristics of an ideal man plus more given his extraterrestrial vision, hearing, speed and strength. The drama became so popular that even luxury fashion items worn in the drama got sold out because of high demand. Even sales of food and restaurants that were featured in the drama also reported increased in demand.

7. Oh My Ghost (2015)

Imagine what happens when an ordinary, shy and timid girl gets possessed by a lustful, virgin ghost. The ghost died a virgin. She believes that the only way to move on to the afterlife is to lose her virginity. She then takes over the female lead’s body every now and then to seduce the male lead to sleep with her.

The drama is romantic, hilarious and very entertaining yet creepy at the same time. Although the show gets too dark for your typical romantic comedy; viewers will get a good laugh and definitely enjoy the show. Moreover, it is not just about the main leads; one will also enjoy the friendship developing between the ghost and the female lead. It is a must-watch for those who are seeking something new.

8. Oh My Venus (2015)

Oh My Venus is a story about a lawyer who was once considered Daegu’s Venus or the prettiest girl in her hometown. But she had became obese and unattractive causing her boyfriend of 15 years to break up with her. The male lead is a personal trainer to Hollywood stars who reluctantly agrees to help her lose weight.

Video Credit: KBS World TV

It has a simple storyline but it deals with real issues on obesity and self-image. These are serious issues that can greatly affect an individual’s health and concept of one’s self. It is light, heartwarming and interesting enough to watch.

9. So, I Married An Anti-Fan (2021)

This is about a magazine reporter who unintentionally witnessed the rude behavior of a famous celebrity. She subsequently got fired from her job. After assuming that the celebrity was the one responsible for her dismissal, she later did some crazy things that made her infamous for being known as his number one “anti-fan”. A television production team saw this an opportunity to come up with a new show wherein the famous star will be forced to live with his anti-fan. After the two started to get to know each other, they begin to realize that their initial perception of one another is actually just a misunderstanding and they end up falling in love.

Video Credit: iQIYI

Although the storyline is generic and typical of romantic comedies, this drama is quite relaxing and funny. Its romantic scenes and little surprises along the way will keep you hooked. And before you know it, you are already binge-watching. The lead’s chemistry is real. Viewers will find themselves rooting for them.

10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim-Bok-Joo (2016)

Weightlifting Fairy is about a young college student who works on pursuing her dream into becoming a professional female weightlifter. As she navigates through college life, she falls in love with a handsome doctor and begins to question herself on whether she should pursue her dream or just be a regular girl.

Video Credit: Viu Philippines

Inspired by the life story of a Korean Olympic Gold Medalist, Weightlifting fairy is a good coming of age drama. It is heartwarming as you go through the character’s journey and discovery of herself. It is light but full of life lessons especially for those who are yet to discover their passion or calling in life.

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Special thanks to Pia Angelica Gabriel, Ma Ganda Yap, Anna Dolor Fernandez, Kit Andaya, Peachy Viniegra-Lin and Cha Flores Encina; members of the YLS Kdrama Group for their drama recommendations.

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