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finding joy in this challenging time
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It is normal to feel overwhelmed and unmotivated with all the things happening in the world right now. Yes, life is so stressful for many people nowadays. The health crisis is still there. We have not yet fully adapted to the new normal. And yet at the same time, we found ourselves trying to survive this economic crisis that was brought about by the pandemic.

It is okay to not be okay in times like this but to dwell on it for a long time is a different story. We must not fall prey into unending negative thoughts. The only way to counter this is to fill ourselves with positivity by looking at things to be grateful for in our lives. Finding joy in this challenging time is the key to staying positive amidst all of these.

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.

– Henry Ward Beecher

Finding Joy in the Small Things

As life slows down, let’s take this opportunity to be grateful and joyful for all the small things that we normally take for granted.

1.Waking Up

Did you know that about 150,000 people die each day? This is based on a research that was published in 2017. Today, that number may be higher because of Covid-19. The fact that you woke up this morning alone is already enough reason to be grateful for.

2.Family Bonding Time

We live in a fast-paced life. Most of us spend our time chasing money and growing our careers that we tend to sacrifice our relationships in the process. Then suddenly, the pandemic strikes and we found ourselves with too much spare time. If there is anything that this pandemic gave us, it is the gift of time. More than ever, we now have time for family bonding. Here is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and create happy and lasting memories together.

3. Access to internet

A few years ago, unless you have an encyclopedia at home; if you want to learn something, you need to go to the library. Online learning and work from home are unthinkable. Nowadays, everything is just one click away. You can work, study, watch shows, movies and concerts online. You can even contact any person around the world without having to pay exorbitant long distance fees. Regardless of the speed of your internet or the model of the gadget that you are using, be thankful that you now have access to the internet.

4. Time for Self-Reflection

Did you find yourselves questioning your thoughts, beliefs, actions, career and other decisions in life lately? If you did, then congratulations! By asking yourselves important questions about who you are, where you are in your life right now and where you want to go from here is an indication of growth. It is the first step towards self-improvement. Now is the perfect time to look within yourself and find your purpose in life and unleash the genius within you.

5. Your Health

Your heart is beating. You can walk, run and do whatever you want. You are not sick. Aren’t you grateful for your health? You used to take it for granted. You party like there is no tomorrow. But now you know that health is the most important thing in life. You now find yourself, making healthy lifestyle decisions. You can experience the joys of life only because your senses allow you to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the beauty around you.

6.People Around You

Challenges are a lot easier to handle if you are surrounded by people who love you and support you. Be grateful that you have them in our life.

7. Nature

If you have experienced being locked down at home during this pandemic, you probably realized by now how important nature is to our lives. The flowers, trees, parks, mountains and oceans have become places to unwind because of their calming power. Nature has become a sanctuary in this pandemic world.

By finding joy in this challenging time, you are shifting your focus from the negative to the positive. As a result, life becomes not just bearable but fulfilling and amazing.

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