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Go, Go After Something New
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Do you want to change something in your self or in your life? Are you just feeling bored or lacking excitement in your life? Then why not try to do something new? Take the risk and go after something new.

A New Perspective

Try a new perspective or point-of-view. Do you have a sibling that keeps annoying you or a co-worker who is too noisy? Chances are, you always have a negative reaction when you encounter them or you try to avoid them. Next time, try truly listening to them and engaging them in conversation. You might find that this is actually a pleasant experience and you don’t have to avoid the situation anymore. Or you might learn a lesson in patience and how not to be a toxic person. You might change your mindset and even gain a deeper understanding of why you don’t like this particular situation or what bothers you about the person. Talking to people of a different generation than you is also a good way to understand and learn from a different perspective. Try interviewing your grand parents about their experiences.

A New Look

Tired of your usual look? Why not try out a new style? All you need is in your closet. Mix and match clothes that you’ve never tried before. Imagine yourself a super model showing off the designer’s new fashion collection. Try to look more confident while showing off your new style. Wear a smile and walk as confidently as you can. Practice in the mirror before you go out the door. This should be a fun experiment. Expect to get a lot of questioning looks and even criticism but try not to mind or just smile at them. They might say you’re crazy but you might also learn how to not give a care about other people’s opinions of you. One benefit of this is you get to wear what you really want or what you usually don’t. You might end up loving your new style or find the fun in trying out a different look each time. Just go, go after something new.

A New Feeling

If you’ve been feeling bored or sad lately, then try changing that feeling. You can do it in the comfort of your own room. Play dance music and sing to it or dance to it and see how it changes your mood. You can also try drawing, sketching, painting or writing. Put on inspirational music to set the atmosphere to start your work. Then just do it without minding about the results. You might end up feeling better or feeling worse but at least you’ve practiced how to change your mood. Or you might end up with a hobby that you want to pursue or even get to unleash your genius. The best way to do this is in your safe space. It could be your room or a small nook in your living room. If you feel that your space has become uninteresting then try rearranging your furniture to create your safe space or freshen up your work space or bedroom.

A New Experience

Give your self a chance to satisfy your curiosity. Have you always wanted to try skateboarding, camping, going on a picnic, playing mahjong, etc.? Join a group or take a class to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and try a new experience. Think: “You only live once” so try something new at least once. Do something fun just because. If you like it, try it again. If you don’t like it; at least you’ve tried it. At least you’ve confirmed what you like and don’t like. You won’t be left with “what ifs”. A new experience allows you to get to know your self better and understand other people better too. A road trip is definitely an experience you should try. Traveling to new destinations will give you a new appreciation of the beauty around you. You will surely appreciate the sight of a clear sky at night when you are away from the city lights. Go, go after something new and enjoy the experience.

Start Small

To change something, it is good to start with the small details and consistently practice. The first thing you need to do is to decide that you want to change and commit to that decision. Then, take small steps towards that change and try to practice it consistently until it becomes a habit. You will just wake up one day and find that you have changed yourself; that you have found the “real you”. You will feel grateful for deciding to just go, go after something new.

Feature Image: Original Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash.

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