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How to Bring Back Your Skin's Glow
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Have you ever wondered how to bring back your skin’s glow? We all want to see that youthful glow. But with all the daily stress we go through; can we even bring it back? Fortunately, this is not an impossible task. All you need is focus and dedication to small tweaks in your daily habits. Soon you will find your skin glowing and you may even restore your youthful energy too.

Hydrate and Alkalize

One of the biggest signs of aging is dry skin. Ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Start your water intake as soon as you wake up until you complete the recommended 8 glasses. Drinking tea and fresh fruit juices are also a great way to increase your water intake. You can also put in lemon slices, cucumber slices, mint and other fruits and herbs to your water. This way you don’t get tired of just plain water and you infuse it with added nutrients too. Better yet, up your intake of fruits and veggies as well so help your body alkalize. This will help your skin be able to heal itself quicker from small cuts and bruises.

Sweat Off Toxins

Sweating is one of the best ways to achieve a natural glow. Saunas are popular because it helps people detoxify by sweating off. Exercise is the easiest way to do it. Dance to your favorite music or incorporate some dance steps to your cleaning routine. Get up from your office chair and do some stretching or walk around the block during your break times. Take the stairs instead of the elevator sometimes too. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Drink lots of water before and after to ensure you stay hydrated. You will look tired after your exercise, but after resting for a few minutes; you will notice that your face has a healthy glow. Keep up your exercise habit and you won’t only bring back your skin’s glow; you’ll feel better too!

Cleanse and Moisturize

Our face is how we present and express ourselves to the world. So don’t neglect cleansing and moisturizing day and night. Some people even follow a 10-step beauty regimen. Your face needs its own cleanser and moisturizer as it has more delicate skin than the rest of your body. Just as you hydrate and exercise; clean and moisturize your face daily too. This will keep it from drying out, balance oiliness and reduce acne breakouts. Clean and moisturized skin also looks plumper and youthful. Be sure to apply sunscreen when going out to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Then, make it a night time ritual to clean your skin and moisturize with your favorite product. You can also use a moisturizing serum for better moisturizing results.

Exfoliate Regularly

Aside from regular cleansing, exfoliation should also be done regularly. Get a gentle exfoliator and apply to your face at least once a week. Exfoliation allows for deeper cleaning to get rid of deep-seated dirt and residue (for example, from makeup) that your regular cleanser can’t get rid of. It also removes dead skin cells that would make your face look dull and can result in uneven skin color. You can exfoliate in the shower so you enjoy the experience. Just remember not to overdo it as you may end up with raw and painful skin after. Be sure to pick products that are not too abrasive to your delicate facial skin. After exfoliation, your skin is better able to absorb your moisturizer and other products. This should help you bring back your skin’s glow and maintain it. Good-looking skin is the best base for makeup. You won’t need to hide skin imperfections anymore.

Get Proper Sleep

It is while you are asleep that your body can focus on repairing itself. So not getting enough sleep and not sleeping early enough will be bad for your overall health. If you want to reduce your eye bags and wrinkles then enough sleep is important. Your night beauty routine should be your preparation for sleep. Prepare your environment for a good sleep. Give yourself a massage as you apply your moisturizer to calm your mind and body. Try not to drink any more liquids 3 hours before your sleeping time. This way, you don’t have to get out of bed to empty your bladder in the middle of your sleep.

Adapt better beauty habits so you can bring back and maintain your skin’s glow and your overall health. Good-looking skin will definitely boost your confidence. It will also make you more attractive to other people. Those are very good benefits too!

Feature Image: Photo by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash.

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