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How to not give up today
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Do you ever have days when you feel like giving up? Sometimes, negative emotions can be quite overwhelming. Intense sadness, grief and pain can even lead to depression. When you feel like you are at the lowest point in your life, don’t give up just yet. At least, not today! Remember that tomorrow is a new day. You just have to wait until zero o’clock and it is already a promise of a new day. So, how to not give up today?

1. Listen to Music

The first thing that you need to do is to listen to music. Music has the power to relieve stress and relax the mind. It affects both your mind and body. However, not all music is created equal. To calm your mind, it is best to listen to slow, meditation, classical or piano music. You can also opt to listen to positive affirmations. The purpose is to help you calm down.

2. Breathe Properly

Once you have calmed down, the next thing to do is to concentrate on your breathing. Have you heard of the ‘fight or flight’ response of the body? It is a natural reaction of the body to confront or avoid danger and to survive. When we are stressed, our heart rate and blood pressure increases. Our pupils dilate. We are tense, trembling and are on edge. Our breathing becomes shallow. The best way to control this is by deep breathing.

Get yourself in a comfortable position. Then, begin by inhaling through your nose. Fill your abdomen with air, expanding the belly outward. Then, hold your breath for a few seconds. Now, release your breath slowly through your lips. Repeat until you feel relaxed.

3. Start a Gratitude Journal

Then grab a notebook and a pen. Start your gratitude journal. A gratitude journal is a diary of all the things that you are grateful for. Compared to an ordinary diary where you record the events of the day, regardless of whether they are happy or sad memories; a gratitude journal simply focuses on the positive things in your life. By reflecting on all the blessings that you have received in your life, you are shifting your focus from the negative to the positive. Remember, what you focus on expands. if you focus on the positive, good things will happen to you. In the same way that if you focus too much on the negative, bad things will continue to happen to you.

Focus on the positive things in your life and you’ll be shocked at how many more positive things stat happening.

– Sophia Amoruso

Note that a gratitude journal has the power to change your life. Make your life happier by making it into a habit.

4. Create / Update Your Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? If you have, then update your bucket list. If you still don’t have one, then it is time to create a bucket list.

A bucket list is a list of things that you want to accomplish in your lifetime. While in the process of creating a bucket list, you will begin to dream of a brighter future. instead of focusing on the things that you lack now, you will become excited about the possibilities of a better tomorrow. The bucket list will give you something to look forward to. it will also give new direction to your life.

5. Love Yourself

At this point, you are now ready to redesign your life. But before you do, it is important that you believe in yourself first. Always remember that happiness is a choice. The same is true with success. Choose to be happy. Choose to be successful. Any you can only do this if you love yourself. Keep in mind that you are special. No one has the power to hurt you unless you let them.

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