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Items That Bring Positive Energy to Your Home
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Have you been busy with some decluttering? Thinking of redecorating your home? Aside from re-arranging your furniture; you can use items that bring positive energy to your home as decoration. Here are some of them:


There are different indoor bamboo plants that you can use as ornaments around your home. They also help in keeping your space look fresh and lively. Make sure to put them in areas with adequate lighting to showcase their natural beauty and also to ensure that they continue to thrive. Bamboo is known to bend but not break even in the harshest storms. If you want this kind of stability in your home; then brining in bamboo inside as well as in your garden can help you enhance this kind of enduring energy.


Ornaments featuring the buddha are usually placed in the main part of the house to bring in good vibes. The most popular ornament is the Laughing Buddha. It is said that rubbing its belly attracts good luck and prosperity. Aside from a statue or pottery; you can also decorate using a poster, print or tapestry. You can dedicate a wall or nook in your home where you can display and highlight your buddha ornament.


A variety of crystals also enhance and invite different types of positive energy into your home. They are also visually unique and interesting to look at. You can use different small crystals or a large crystal as a center piece for a wall or nook in your living space. You can even choose a crystal that fits your theme or the kind of energy you want to attract. If you’re just starting with crystals, then check out some must have crystals you can consider for your home.

Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is a popular decor for the bedroom. The dream catcher is designed to catch nightmares and evil spirits. This way, you don’t get nightmares anymore; you also become a happier home owner. Depending on the size; you can hang them on one wall of your bedroom to serve as an accent piece. They usually come with beads and feathers in different designs and colors. Most dream catchers are round but some are woven to look like the crescent moon or even in more elaborate shapes.


Ornaments of elephants can help you attract good luck. They are also a symbol of wealth, wisdom and strength. Elephants are known to have great wisdom. They are even worshipped as sacred animals in some cultures. You can use a small elephant figurine or vase, an elephant-shaped cushion, painting or tapestry on your wall. Depending on where you put them; they can also serve as interesting conversation starters when you have guests over.


Fish ornaments are also widely used to attract luck and prosperity. For even better energy in your home; why not keep a fish or more as pets? Having an aquarium with fish swimming in it helps to circulate the energy in the room. As water is cleansing; it’s constant movement helps to enhance the balance of energy in your living space; creating a sense of harmony. Just make sure to properly take care of your fish pets so you maintain the positive energy in your home.


Burning incense is one of the easiest ways to get rid of negative energy in your home. Use sage or any of your favorites. Try burning some incense in every room of your house. You can also use a smudge stick or wand and go all around the house to clear old and stale energy away. Make sure to open the windows so the smoke can go out. You might want to check if you can have the smoke detector in your place turned off, if applicable.

Plants & Fresh Flowers

Indoor plants and herbs are a great way to liven up your space. Fresh flowers in an elegant flower vase are also eye catching and a good way to bring some color to your room. Be sure to place plants in a space with adequate sunlight. If you love flowers; then make sure to replace them with fresh ones regularly so as not to keep stale energy in your home. If possible, bring indoor plants outside for more sunshine once in a while to keep them healthy and looking fresh and positive.

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