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Little Things That Destroy Relationships
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The little things that destroy relationships are often not always clear to the parties involved. Couples, friends or family members end up angry and confused; not knowing what actually happened. Sometimes after the relationship has ended or become stagnant; we still don’t know exactly why the situation became worse. We still wonder how things could have ended up better.

The specific details of maintaining a relationship always depends on the personalities involved. Just like in setting any goal; it’s the little things that accumulate over time, that create or results in success or failure. In relationships, little things and annoyances can add up subtly without us being aware of them. These can destroy a relationship if not addressed in time.

Taking people for granted

We are usually extra caring and act extra nice to the people who are most important to us. It sounds selfish to say but we expect them to reciprocate in the same way too. What they do for us becomes part of our daily routine. We become so familiar with what they keep doing for us that we end up taking their actions for granted. We forget to acknowledge their efforts.

The other person then ends up feeling being taken for granted and unloved. This is one of the little things that destroy a lot of relationships. From being in love; the couple break up or end up filing for legal separation because one person didn’t feel loved enough in the relationship. So don’t forget to appreciate the other person’s efforts as much as you can. Make efforts of your own to show them you care too.

Not having a life of your own

Being the center of someone’s universe sounds romantic. In reality, this situation is actually suffocating to both individuals involved. Some people even disappear from their friends and family’s lives when they are in a romantic relationship. They have turned their focus solely on their special someone. People sometimes grow out of love because the person they fell in love with has changed. The bright and interesting person became clingy, dependent on them, too possessive of them, even jealous of other people in their partner’s life.

Remember that your friends and family were there before this person ever showed up in your life. These are the people who can actually help you decide if you are indeed falling in love, or not. So don’t forget about them and make time to enjoy their company too. Any relationship you have should be a part of your universe, your life. Cultivating your relationships with other people in your lives help both of you to grow as individuals which benefits your romantic relationship. This is one annoying little thing that destroy relationships that most people often take for granted.

Being disrespectful to other people

Respect is the foundation of any relationship. It builds trust and provides individuals with assurance that you have their support and vice versa. Part of showing respect is to be tactful when in public. Whining about your partner’s habits to your other friends or family members; embarrassing them or making jokes about them in front of other people are some of the worst ways to disrespect your partner. Being disrespectful of the other person is one of the little things that destroy many relationships in a very short period of time.

This applies to non-romantic relationships as well. Dissing a colleague in front of the boss is a big no-no if you want a happy work place. This will just make your colleagues think that you are a toxic person. Respecting each other’s personal space is also showing respect to the other person. Saying sorry when you know you need to, shows respect. Not touching other people’s belongings and asking permission to borrow stuff and giving them back is showing respect too.

Not communicating honestly and regularly

Most relationships end up in a bad way because both parties don’t communicate honestly and regularly. Communication is the best way to understand each other. Regular, honest communication ensures that you know what both of you expect in the relationship. It helps you get to understand each other better. You learn how to make the other person feel appreciated by learning what their love language is, for example. It’s easier to recognize when they make special effort to do something for you because you know their personality well enough. You will know how best to make them feel special too.

Lack of communication is a major cause why people destroy their relationships. Communication helps both of you to avoid the drama that you see on most TV and movie relationships. You don’t have to always get into a bad argument, pile on negative emotions, hold grudges, doubt the other person, or play the blame game when issues come up. If you can talk with each other honestly and regularly; you can sort things out more peacefully. Plus, it is fun to plan quality time with each other just to do stuff you’re both interested in and to talk about anything you want.

These are some of the little things that are often the cause of how people destroy their relationships. The actual reasons of relationship failures are quite specific to the people involved. So stop wondering “where do broken hearts go?” Instead, start asking “what should broken hearts do?” These scenarios should help you pinpoint areas of improvement that you need to work on in your relationships.

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