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Change is always happening all around us. The seasons change without us doing anything about it. All of us are in a constant process of transforming ourselves. Have you heard the saying that each one of us is “a work in progress”? Each one of us in undergoing our own metamorphosis. It is up to us how long it will take and what the end results will be.

In Greek, the word has the following meaning: meta = changing, morph = shape or form, and osis = process of (*membean). It seems to mean just physical change; it can mean a whole lifestyle change. Metamorphosis seems like a big word, and it does mean a major change in many aspects of our life.For each individual, it is a process of becoming something or someone else.

The word “meta” also means “with, across, or after” in Greek. It denotes a change of position or condition and seeing things across a period of time. You are seeing things from a different position or perspective. You may only be thinking of your life in terms of a year. Having a meta view of things means that you are now thinking about your life in 5 or 10 years time.

The word “morphosis” refers to the way an organism changes or develops. This means that a metamorphosis is a transformation that happens over a period of time.

Your Metamorphosis

The important thing in your metamorphosis is that you define what you want to become. You get to choose how you want to go about your transformation and the challenges you want to overcome. You are in full control of how you want to change your self and your life.

  • What are your goals for own metamorphosis?
  • What change do you want to make in your life?
  • How do you want to implement these changes?
  • What changes are going on around you right now?
  • How will they fit in with the kind of life you want to have?

There will be uncomfortable moments as you adjust to your metamorphosis. If you want to gain muscles, you go to the gym to lift weights and get body aches the next day. As time goes by, your body gets used to the routine. You are able to lift heavier weights more comfortably and with less pain.

Fully embracing your metamorphosis doesn’t mean that the experience will all be pleasant. A transformation requires “growing pains”. Learn to accept them as part of the process, and they become less painful.

Feature Image: Original Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash.

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