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No Need to Follow Fashion Trends
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Are you someone who always wants to be with the “in” crowd? Are you always on the look out for what’s new in fashion? Do you fear being left out-of-style? The desire to be always in style with the people around you can be bad for you if it has become an unhealthy obsession. Being in-style maybe a sign that you are trying to keep up with what is considered beautiful. Fortunately, our concept of what is beautiful has transcended just physical appearance. Fashion concepts have also been influenced by this development. Here are some reasons why there is no need to follow fashion trends.

Trends Come and Go

Fashion trends always come and go. Most trends are short-lived. Some may even serve merely as a marketing tool so they have a definite duration. Some fashion pieces are produced as limited edition items. So if you and your friends keep following every fashion trend out there, pretty soon you will have accumulated a lot of clothes and accessories that you can’t use. In the end, you might have to spend more time decluttering your wardrobe than wearing anything in it. Having a fashion classic, such as a little black dress in your closet, is a better option than a whole closet of quick fashion pieces.

Major Money Leak

Having to purchase whatever is fashionable also means that you are creating a major money leak for yourself. With the number of fashion trends cropping up each month; no one will ever be able to buy all of them. You will also not have enough occasions to wear them to. You will just end up living beyond your means. Unless you are a celebrity, wearing an item only once is quite a waste of money. Chasing after fashion trends will not only ruin your budget but maybe your work and social schedules too. If you want to look chic and elegant; there are ways to look expensive on a budget.

You Lose Your Self

Being on-trend means that you don’t develop your own sense of style. Everyone has a fashion sense; whether it be comfy, utilitarian or you just love statement shirts or flower patterns. Maybe you have a collection of vintage belts or scarves that you haven’t worn yet because they are not in style. These are valuable items not just because they are classic fashion pieces but also because of their sentimental value. When you keep following fashion trends; you lose your own personal style.

Don’t be a slave to fashion. Chasing fashion trends is like trying to keep up with the Joneses. Yes, you only live once so go ahead and experiment for fun; but do so in a sensible way. Fashion should be an extension of your self expression. You should develop your own personal style. Your own style not only allows you to express your sense of fashion; it also makes you more memorable to the people you engage with. Remember that when you dress different, you think different. Having your own sense of style also means you can use the clothes you are comfortable wearing. If you have a closetful of vintage items that you would love to use; then create your own style and wear it proudly. Start with some basic closet must-haves and then work your way from there.

Feature Image: Original Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash.

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