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Redesign Your Life One Step at A Time
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Life is a journey with many paths to choose from. However, some people are not sure where their destination is; while some know where they want to go, but they’re not sure what path to take. Some are traversing the path they thought they wanted but have changed their mind. Whatever point you are in your journey through life; readjusting yourself to your goals is always a necessary and gradual process. This means that you will have to redesign your life one step at a time.

Proper Mindset

Change starts from within. Just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly; you only see the caterpillar and the butterfly. You don’t see what happens inside the cocoon. Your mind is similar to this cocoon. What thoughts you keep in your mind inform your actions and the results of your transformation. If you want to redesign your life; you need to first redesign your mindset.

Having a positive mindset motivates you to have a positive attitude. However, there are times when we are unaware that we are trapping ourselves in a negative mindset. It’s okay to not be okay and process your negative thoughts and emotions. But don’t dwell in that dark place. You won’t completely be rid of these thoughts and feelings. The only thing you can do is to be aware of your own thoughts and behavior and adjust your self as you need to.

Each Step Counts

Successful people know that taking the first step is a crucial factor in reaching your goal. No one can change themselves or their lives overnight. The person who conquered the highest mountain took the first step to climb it, and kept going. Small steps each day add up to hundreds, thousands, millions of steps in a year, or a lifetime.

We are often told to dream big even if we’re not sure how to get there. The only certain thing is that taking small steps will help you move forward. So don’t devalue the importance of small things. Changing one habit and mastering it will motivate you to change other things for the better. It is only when you look back, that you will be able to appreciate the major impact of taking things one step at a time.

Consistency is Key

Small steps can accumulate only if you keep doing it. Actions become a habit when done every day. Habits become a part of your lifestyle; when done consistently over a long period of time. The small things that you do consistently can define your whole life. If you want to redesign your life; then be persistent in your actions. Show up for your goals every day. Yes, you can take a break. But do the work so you feel deserving of your reward.

Doing small things that people don’t understand, consistently, may invite criticism. Challenges like this is part of changing who you are so you can reach your goals. However, when other people start seeing your results; their criticism will turn into admiration and curiosity instead. Consistent effort transforms you into that someone you’ve always wanted to be. People will value your opinions when you have succeeded because they see that you walked your talk. We all know the term “action speaks louder than words.” Your experience counts more than your words. When you accompany your declaration to change with small, consistent action; then you are on your way to success.

During this process, don’t lose patience and don’t be too hard on yourself. Major changes take time; healing takes time; success takes time. When we see a successful person, we only see the results of all their efforts. Redesigning your self won’t happen overnight. Redesigning your whole life is a life time process. The good news is; you can redesign it however you want.

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