To get started on your journey of transforming your life; the first step is to conduct a self-assessment on your level of wellness.
Answer the questions provided on each dimension of wellness. You may also check out the articles and videos for more details.


Am I connected with my body?

Am I aware of my thoughts and emotions?

Do I have control over my body?

Do I know my strengths?

Am I working on my weaknesses?

Am I loving and kind in thoughts, words and actions?

Do I have a regular spiritual practice?

Am I living a life with purpose?

Am I a child of God?

Am I connected to a higher being?


Are You Intellectually Well?

Do I allot time for personal and professional development?

Is learning a new skill part of my goals?

Am I interested in learning new things?

Do I maintain a reading habit?

Do I enjoy solving puzzles, playing games or other mentally stimulating activities?

Am I comfortable asking others for help especially on things that I am not familiar with or good at?

Do I enjoy brainstorming with others on group projects or tasks?

Do I accept constructive feedback?

Do I want to pursue short courses or post graduate courses in an academic institution?

Do I travel and learn about new places and cultures?


Does your anger last for only 5 minutes or less?

Do you celebrate another person’s achievements instead of feeling envious?

Are you able to control yourself from feeling sad when things go wrong?

Are you able to let go and not fear about the future?

Are you able to let go and not dwell on problems so you can still work, act, eat and sleep well?

Are you able to feel euphoric even with the simplest of things, for no reason at all?

Do you express gratitude for the simple blessings you receive each day?

Are you able to feel happiness internally on your own?

Do you surprise your loved ones, friends, colleagues, like it’s your last day on earth?

Do you nurture and show love extraordinarily to your loved ones, friends or colleagues?


Do I have savings worth 3-6 months of my salary?

Do I have a structured budget and a detailed record of my expenses?

Do I have insurance coverage of at least 3 times of my annual salary?

Do I have investments in the stock market, mutual funds, UITF, VUL or real estate?

Do I have emergency funds?

Do I have separate investments for retirement purpose?

Do you use the SMART Method in setting your financial goals?

Am I able to manage my debts efficiently?

Do I spend time to understand the latest financial trends?

Am I prioritizing my health above all?


Do I have my career goals written down?

Do I understand the value of having these goals?

Am I enjoying learning and growing as I pursue my goals?

Am I happy and fulfilled doing the work I am doing?

Do I feel excited about the thought of going to work every day?

Do I feel that I work in an environment where my mental health is given importance?

Do I work in an environment that allows me to express my opinions and suggestions?

Do I understand the value that the work that I do provides for other people?

Am I happy being in my work environment?

Do I see myself still being in this job 5 to 10 years from now?

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

A Personal SWOT Analysis is an important assessment tool to help you on how to proceed in life. It will help you get clarity on what is your current level of wellness.

It is only possible to move forward if you totally understand where you are in your life and goals right now.

A SWOT Analysis is a kind of situational assessment of the present so you know what tools you have to help you move forward and which areas you need to improve.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just useful for business or for analyzing your career goals. It is a very useful tool that you can use in all dimensions of your life.