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Signs That You Are Falling in Love
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What are the signs that you are falling in love? When you watch romantic scenes in movies or dramas; you know exactly when the main characters have fallen in love with each other. But if you were one of the main characters, how would you know that you are falling in love? What are the signs?

Here are some signs that might signal that you are falling in love. Remember that not everything may work with everyone. Each person reacts differently to various emotional experiences after all. So check the list and see what applies to you.

1. You can’t stop staring

If you are falling in love with someone; you will find that you can’t stop staring at that person. You just can’t help it. Observe how a mother looks lovingly at their baby. That is how someone looks at the person they are falling in love with. After all, when you are looking at the object of your affection or admiration; staring at them is a natural impulse.

Try to control yourself though. Your constant staring might make the other person feel shy or scared even. So consider the other person’s feelings too.

2. They’re always on your mind

If you can’t constantly stare at them; they’re always on your mind anyway. Most of the time you are wondering what they are doing at the moment. Are they busy at work? Have they eaten? Are they also thinking of you? These concerns may cross your mind several times a day. At other times, you may be thinking where to take them on a date; or what to wear to impress them when they see you next time.

You may end up with sleepless nights or unproductive work days from day dreaming about the person you’re falling in love with. Try to stay focused on what you need to do so you don’t end up getting reprimanded at work or losing sleep.

3. You want to spend more time with them

Falling in love brings about a lot of pleasant feelings and you want to spend more time with the person you are falling in love with. You’re constantly thinking of an excuse to spend more time with them, even if it’s just talking to them. You take the time and energy to plan how you can spend more time with them whether at work or outside of work.

In fact, you will find a lot of reasons, or excuses, to be constantly around them. You can’t help but show your care for them whether it be getting them food when you go for a snack or sitting with them during a break. Just be sure you’re not bothering the person at work by your constant attention.

4. You become open to trying new things

Because you want to spend more time together with the person you are falling in love with; you might find yourself becoming more open to trying new things. Even if you are a little scared or intimidated; you somehow gather the courage to do something you’ve never done before. Like asking them out for example. If you are already dating the person, then you find yourself suggesting date ideas that are unique and interesting just because you want your time together to be a special memory.

Trying new things is always a thrill but make sure you don’t try something that you don’t feel good doing. If you thought at first that you can handle riding a roller coaster but find that you are too scared to even get on it; don’t force yourself. You don’t want to pretend to be brave then end up ruing the rest of the day because you felt sick. However, don’t prevent the other person from enjoying the experience without you. You can always do something else that both of you can enjoy.

5. You don’t mind when they do something unattractive

Most of us idealize the person we admire in our minds. However, when we see them doing something unattractive; we usually lose our admiration. When you are falling in love; you usually end up not minding or not noticing the things that may be unattractive about the person. For example, they might usually look cool in the office but when you see them out of work; they wear clothes that you won’t think of wearing out of the house.

When you are falling in love with a person, you usually don’t notice the small imperfections. You just want to dwell on the pleasant feelings you get when you are with them. This can be both good and bad. It’s good if the other person’s unattractive aspects are indeed minor or just a cute personality quirk. However, if you notice a negative behavior pattern for example; then it’s a red flag that you should take a deeper look at things.

6. You become a little bit jealous

One of the signs that you are falling in love with someone is when you become just a tad bit jealous that they’re focusing their attention on other people rather than on you. Yes, this is childish and bratty. But anyone who is falling in love wants to monopolize the attention of the person they admire, if they can.

It will be normal to feel jealous of their attention towards others and even of other’s attention towards them; but don’t get ahead of yourself. Try to be realistic about the situation or consult a friend who can give you a rational observation so you can calm your jealous heart.

7. You want them to be happy

A sure sign that you are indeed falling in love is when you truly wish for the other person to be happy. This is also why you want to spend more time with them and are always thinking about them. You want to be the one to do things with them and for them that will make them happy. Most importantly, you want them to feel happy when they are with you, just as you feel happy spending time with them. That’s why you also want to find out what makes them feel happy and loved.

You may find yourself making some sacrifices in an effort to make the other person feel happy. For example, you might make the effort to make lunch for them every day or surprise them with flowers just because. You might even find yourself taking time out from your busy schedule to help them accomplish a task at work. Just be sure that you’re show of concern is not being abused and you end up sacrificing what makes you happy instead.

These are just some of the signs that you might be falling in love. What other signs can you think of, or you have experienced, when falling in love?

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