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The 6 Dimensions of Wellness
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Do you feel healthy? Do you feel well enough to engage in your daily activities most of the time? Most of us gauge a healthy diet and exercising as a measure of our health but this is only one aspect of being totally healthy. There are actually six dimensions of wellness.

Are you fulfilling the 6 dimensions of wellness to live a balanced life?

Not being sick is also not a sign that you are healthy. Yes, you may be healthy physically but you may not be well. Actually, wellness is a holistic experience and total wellness can only be achieved if you are fulfilling the 6 dimensions of wellness in your regular activities.

Wellness is considered a necessary component to be able to achieve your full potential as a human being. It encompasses your lifestyle including your mental and spiritual well-being. Wellness is an experience where you, the individual, consciously make decisions that propel you to achieving a successful, balanced existence.

The 6 Dimensions of Wellness

To help you achieve and maximize your full human potential, you need to make daily goals that develop each of these six dimensions of wellness.


Are you physically healthy? Do you look and feel healthy? Are you sick often or almost never? Physical health is one of the dimensions of wellness that is mostly neglected and taken for granted.

Do you take care of yourself physically?

Remember that we only have one body and we are only able to interact with each other and our environment because of our body so we should make it a priority to take care of ourselves. We should ensure that we are physically healthy so we can perform to our best each time we are physically needed to do so.


Are you happy or sad? Are you angry or constantly cheerful or feeling upset? Emotional wellness refers to how we feel inside. When you feel constantly stressed and unhappy, this will eventually take a major toll in your overall health and wellness. Negative thoughts and feelings are a sign of poor health. There are many ways to alleviate poor emotional health and each person must find a way that is tailored to their specific personalities, needs and circumstances.

Are you sad or happy? How you feel greatly affects your health.

Being well emotionally means that you are able to control or regulate your emotions as necessary and that you are also able to take the necessary steps to change your emotions so you feel better about yourself and/or a negative situation. The main goal is to attain emotional happiness and fulfillment.


Are you friendly and outgoing? Are you aloof and/or prefer to be alone? Do you have one constant set of friends or do you have multiple set of friends?

Do you make time to go out with your friends and family?

Having many friends does not mean that you are healthy. You may be surrounded by friends and still feel alone and lonely. It is the quality and value of the interactions that you have with them that enables you to achieve social wellness. Constant communication is also a key factor in achieving social wellness.


Does your job provide you with adequate intellectual challenges? Intellectual wellness means that you experience various types of intellectual stimulation through various means and different areas in your life.

Do you engage in activities that stimulate you intellectually?

Try enrolling in a course, developing a reading habit and attending seminars and conferences about a topic you are interested in or a hobby that you want to pursue. Develop a learning habit so that you constantly stimulate your intellect and mental skills and maintain your intellectual health.


Do you love your job or are you constantly thinking of quitting? Are you satisfied about your current financial situation or do you wish you could improve it?

We spend a huge amount of time at our jobs and if we are constantly stressed by it, then it will have a negative impact on our overall health. Also, having anxieties about your financial situation can cause a lot of stress. Make sure you spend some time to think about your job and your finances and what your real situation is. It helps to list down the pros and cons and then make a plan on how you can improve the situation and alleviate your issues.

Your job and your financial state are a major factor in your life and if you are not well in this area, then it will definitely affect your performance in the other dimensions of wellness.


Do you feel that you are being guided to the right opportunities and decisions? Do you believe that you are being directed towards your goal or that you are fulfilling your purpose in life? How about, do you feel connected with and do you empathize with the people and events around you?

Can you calm down your worries and feel reassured that everything will work out for the best?

Finding your purpose in life and living it is the ultimate goal of each individual. Most of us believe that when we find our purpose and start living it, then we will find happiness. In fact, if we strive to find happiness in our lives, then it will become easier for us to find what truly makes us happy which is what fulfilling our life purpose should feel like.

Find time to look inward and talk to yourself. Spend more time with nature and learn to be comfortable with yourself. Get to know yourself better so you can have a clear picture of what your qualities and values are and why they are important to you.

There are many ways to do this; practicing meditation, engaging in gentle exercise that require focus such as tai chi and yoga as well as the simple act of keeping your thoughts in a diary and writing down your feelings on paper or expressing your emotions thru drawing and painting or even thru needle work or flower arrangement.

The important thing is to carve out some “me time” for yourself during your day to strengthen your awareness of self and gain a deeper connection to your values and beliefs and get a clearer understanding of why you choose to live the way you live.

Are you paying attention to all aspects of your wellness?

Your State of Wellness

So are you well? If you are not paying attention to any of these dimensions of wellness, then you have not truly achieved overall wellness. Working on each aspect of wellness means that you plan for activities that help you fulfill each dimension. Make sure you review often so you are also able to monitor your progress towards your goal of achieving overall wellness.

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