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The Third Eye and Its Benefits
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The concept of the third eye can be scary but it actually has its benefits. Have you ever heard the idea that awakening the third eye can give you a sixth sense or psychic powers? We have seen many different strange and psychic abilities in films and television including mind-reading. Most of them are related to opening or having an open third eye. It is a fascinating concept that is also scary to contemplate for some people. But what is it?

The Third Eye

There are many explanations on what the third eye is and what it actually does. It is an esoteric concept that first appeared in the spiritual traditions of India and later also mentioned in Buddhism and Hinduism.

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and god’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.

– Meister Eckhart

The third eye is one of the energy centers or chakras in our body. It is located in the middle of the forehead in between our eyebrows. The actual eye though is not on the forehead but is said to be linked to the pineal gland which is in the middle of our brain. A cross section image of the brain shows the pineal gland looking like an actual eye. It looks similar to the Eye of Horus in Egyptian mythology.

Seeing with The Third Eye

The third eye is believed to be a window to higher consciousness and the spiritual world. Because of this, having an open third eye allows you to gain deeper insight into your experiences in life. This is why it is often linked to having or developing psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, aura perception and astral projection among others.

Everyone has a third eye but the general concept is that, not everyone has it open to the same degree and some people have it closed or blocked. The mind-body connection that we experience and our gut feel or intuition is also related to our third eye and all our other energy centers or chakras working together.

Whether partially open or fully open, or even when blocked; we are able to activate our third eye. An active or awakened third eye has many benefits, not necessarily psychic abilities. These include mental clarity, improved concentration, strengthened intuition and clearer self-expression.

With a developed third eye, you can experience deeper insights into every day things and become more decisive especially in stressful situations. More importantly, you are able to live a more mindful life and experience a sense of bliss more often.

We have two eyes to see two sides of things, but there must be a third eye which will see everything at the same time and yet not see anything. That is to understand Zen.

– D. T. Suzuki

If you’ve seen the first Avatar movie; there’s a scene where Jake and Neytiri say, “I see you.” to each other. That is the kind of deep insight and understanding or “seeing” that we mean when we say seeing with the third eye. You “see” the person for who they are and not just for how they look or for what they say or do. This means getting to have a deeper connection and understanding of each other even without verbal communication.

Signs of It’s Opening

Opening the third eye happens gradually for most people. It is a process that happens naturally when the person is ready for it. But for those who have sever energy blockages, there are energy healers who are able to help other individuals unblock not just their third eye but other energy centers or chakras.

Some of the signs that your third eye is opening include a feeling of slight pressure in between the eyebrows, frequent headaches, increased intuition, more sensitive sense/s such as to light and sound and more frequent lucid or vivid dreams. You also become more sensitive to the energy of people around you. Even with a less developed third eye, we sometimes get “good vibes” or “bad vibes” about a situation or person. With a more developed third eye, this intuitive ability becomes more active and stronger.

Another sign of your third eye opening is that you become more mindful and conscious of your normal activities such as what you eat (e.g., you decide to eat less meat, become a vegetarian or vegan). You start noticing synchronicities in your life experience more and you may even start contemplating on pursuing a higher life purpose than your previous life goals.

Awakening The Third Eye

For most people, the third eye is usually more active in childhood. That is why it is quite common for children to have “imaginary friends”. An active third eye also means a more active imagination. You will notice that even when kids fight with each other ofter; they still end up playing with each other the next day. It is as if they understand each other on a deeper level even without words so they don’t even need to say sorry.

We slowly lose this deeper insight as adults because our third eye gets blocked; our pineal gland becomes calcified due to our lifestyle and the environment we live in. As an example, fluoride added to tap water contributes to the calcification of the pineal gland which results in blockage.

The only way to decalcify our pineal gland is to make better lifestyle choices. These include opting for detoxifying foods such as raw cacao, lemon, coconut oil, etc. and supplementing with vitamin D3. Other helpful tips include the use of certain essential oils, gentle sun gazing, the use of crystals and meditation. Physical activities such as chanting, yoga and dancing are also beneficial to its healing and development.

Spiritual Practices for Better Health

Everyone has a third eye and some people have a more developed third eye and may not even be aware of it. This leaves them confused and maybe even fearful of their special gifts or abilities because other people don’t understand them and end up being scared of them too. Thus, a lot of “sensitive people” end up with mental health issues and emotional disorders because of a lack of understanding about their own gifts.

Fortunately, there are energy workers who have made it their life’s work to help other people in their journey of understanding and accepting their special gifts. If you are someone struggling in such a situation; then it is important that you find someone who you can understand you and guide you in the process. There is a community of healers around the world who are ready to lend a helping hand using their personal experiences, as well as their own special gifts and insights.

This is also why spiritual practices such as mindfulness and meditation as well as prayer and gratitude habits are important. It helps you to clear your mind clutter and become more aware of what you do and what is happening to you each moment. This allows you to get to know yourself deeper and become more attuned to your authentic self. With self-acceptance, you become more open to receiving more positive energy and deeper insights that can benefit you and those around you.

Feature Image: Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash.

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