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The Year in Recap: Lessons from 2020
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It is almost the end of the year. Many people are eager to have 2020 done and over with. That’s not surprising considering the fact that 2020 has been an exhausting and overwhelming year for most of us. But before we chase the remaining few days of the year, why not look back and take a look at the year in recap and learn some of the valuable life lessons from 2020. The following top articles of the year is a reflection of what transpired during the year and the general sentiment of the readers.

1.Cherish Your Loved Ones While You Still Can

As of this writing, more than 1.76 million people around the world had already lost their lives because of COVID-19. This means that many people lost their loved ones because of this pandemic. Most of the time, it happened so quickly that they were not able to properly say their goodbyes. The grieving process becomes worse if there is regret and guilt involved. To avoid this from happening, it is better to cherish your loved ones while you still can. Don’t wait until it is too late to do so.

2.Korean Dramas About Overcoming Challenges

If there is one thing that we got from 2020, it is the gift of time. Because of the lockdowns, many people found themselves trapped at home with nothing to do. To help fight boredom, many people resorted to watching Korean Dramas. Because many had to go through challenges this year, they look for something inspirational to watch like Korean Dramas about overcoming challenges.

3.Redesign Your Life Through a Bucket List

The world is now totally different. What used to work before this pandemic may no longer work in the new normal. Thus, now is the perfect time to redesign your life through a bucket list. What is it that you want to accomplish in life going forward? What needs to change? It is time to create new dreams and goals.

4.It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Let’s admit it. No matter how big or small the effect of the pandemic is in our lives; at some point this year, we can honestly say that we were not okay. But, it’s okay. It is all a part of life. Sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay. The only way we can only move forward is if we learn to embrace our negative emotions and our pain. That is how we grow as a person.

5.How To Survive This Economic Crisis

Unfortunately for us, the COVID-19 pandemic is more than just a health concern. It has also turned into a full-blown economic crisis with millions of people losing their means of livelihood. So many people found themselves at a loss just trying to figure out how to survive this economic crisis.

6.Wealth Rules from the Richest Man in Babylon

Because of the economic crisis, people now realized that working hard alone is no longer enough. There is also a need for financial literacy. Knowing and understanding how money works can help people prepare and survive a financial crisis. What better way to learn about money than learning from the wealth rules from the richest man in Babylon.

7.Crossroads: Making Life Changing Decisions

In a nutshell, 2020 is all about change. Since the world is changing, people found themselves in crossroads, making life changing decisions. It sounds easy but change is a difficult thing to do.It is scary most especially if we don’t know what lies ahead. Should I move away from the city? Should I change jobs? Should I change my lifestyle? All of these questions involve choices. Many people were forced to make difficult decisions in their lives this year because of this crisis.

8.The Power of A Smile

When everything around us is negative, it is difficult to stay positive. However, did you know that a simple smile can do wonders for our health and overall well-being? That is the power of a smile. A smile can make us feel better, albeit temporarily. It reduces stress. It boosts our happiness level, even if the smile is fake. So the next time you feel gloomy and sad, force yourself to smile.

9.Stock Options: A Way To Earn Amidst A Crisis

Since many people experienced a reduction or even a loss of income, people are now searching for an alternative source of income. Although there are many investment vehicles available out there, only a few can give positive and substantial returns even in times of crisis. Stock Options trading is one of them. Stock Options is a way to earn amidst a crisis. With stock options trading, it is possible to earn regardless of market direction.

10.Six Dimensions of Wellness

Because of the lockdowns, people have realized that the absence of disease alone does not mean that one is healthy. To be truly healthy, one needs to be healthy not just physically but emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually and environmentally as well. There are six dimensions of wellness. All of these dimensions are equally important in the overall well-being of a person.

That is the year in recap and life lessons from 2020. Hope we all learn from the experiences. Let us all look forward and visualize better days ahead of us.

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