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Traveling helps you grow as a person. When you travel, you learn about new things. You also discover a world that is different from yours. In the process, you change. When you get home, you are no longer the same person as you used to be.


Reading books will make you grow as a person. You will have access to a vast range of information. It will  entertain you and stimulate your creativity. It will also open your eyes to a new whole world that is different from your reality and make you dream and aspire to become a better version of yourself.

“The world is a book, and those that do not travel read only a page.”

– St. Augustine

St. Augustine of Hippo, said to be one of the most intelligent saints who ever lived, believed in the value of traveling. He correlated reading with traveling. Just like in reading books, travelling will also help you grow as a person. You will see different places and things. You will be exposed to various people, cultures, and beliefs. Because your learn from your travels. traveling helps you grow.


When you just stay at home or in your area, everything that you do are all habits. Everything is automatic and just merely a part of your routine. However, when you travel, you become alert of your surrounding. You begin to plan and everything that you do will involve decision making. You will also be exposed to a different way of doing things.


When you get back home from your travel.  Somehow, a part of you has changed. You begin to look at things differently. You are no longer the same person as you used to be.

If you want to start anew, it is recommended that you travel. Go to a place where you have never been before. Look around you. How is the place different from yours? Observe the locals’ way of life. Are there lessons that you can learn from them? Then think about your life. How do you live your life? Are you contented with where you are right now? What aspects in your life would you like to improve? Being in a new place will help you get a new perspective in who you are and where you want to be. Aim to do this on a regular basis. Make traveling to a place you have never been before at least once a year.

Go out there and travel if you want to grow as a person. So, what are your travel goals for this year?

First published in Pinoy Smart Living on 12.20.2018
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