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Ways to Hide Skin Imperfections
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A common beauty quest is finding ways to hide skin imperfections for that flawless-looking complexion. Everyone wants to look camera ready but also wants to look just as attractive when meeting people in person. So here are some quick fixes to hide common skin imperfections. If done correctly, they can help banish blemish like magic!

Eyebrow Pencil or Powder

An eyebrow pencil or powder is a quick way to fix sparse eyebrows due to overzealous plucking or if your brows are just patchy. Get a pencil or powder that’s one shade lighter than your brows hair color. Apply the product to your brow in short, feathery strokes to fill-out the patchy areas. You will need a small angled brush if you’re using powder. Make sure to check in the mirror to ensure that your “drawing” blends in well with the rest of your browse. Use a clean eyebrow brush for blending. It’s normal to have to wipe and redo them if you’re just starting out.

Highlighting Pen or Powder

If your problem is puffy eyes, then a highlighting pen or powder is the quick fix for you. It is recommended that you first use an eye gel or another product to help reduce the swelling. Afterwards, use an eye cream and/or a thin layer of foundation to even out your skin color as much as possible. Then apply a slightly shimmery highlighting pen or powder along the part below where the puffy part is. This will lighten up the area to hide shadows caused by the swelling so it becomes less noticeable. For this quick fix, less is more; so do this with a light hand.

Tinted Foundation or Concealer

Tinted foundations or concealers helps to hide common skin blemishes such as acne, sun spots or age spots, skin redness, and large pores. The trick is to apply them correctly. If the blemish is small like acne, then just apply concealer or tinted foundation on that spot and use a brush or your fingers to blend into the rest of the skin. For issues that cover larger areas like large pores, than applying concealer and/or tinted foundation is a much better way to even out overall skin tone and hide the blemish. Luckily, there are now foundations that also act as concealers as well as sun screen. So pick the best one for your skin type and lifestyle.

The Best Foundation is Healthy Skin

Not everyone can have flawless skin all the time. But it becomes easier to maintain flawless-looking skin if you have healthy skin. It helps to have good beauty habits to maintain healthy skin. A basic and important factor in achieving healthy skin is cleanliness and hydration. So don’t forget to clean your face and apply your moisturizer everyday to maintain clear, plump, and youthful-looking skin. You can also follow a more elaborate routine such as the Korean beauty regimen to really level up your skin care routine. Practice makes perfect. Be consistent with your beauty ritual so you can integrate the habit effortlessly. You can thank your self for the beautiful results later on!

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