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Who is The Best Person to Ask for Advice?
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Who is the best person to ask for advice? We always have things that we want to learn more about. Who to ask from will depend on what information you want to learn and your goals for asking. Doing your research can help you find the right people. Here are some ways to help you figure out who to ask and in what situations.

Discrete Advice

Discrete advice is what you need for personal matters or family-issues. Emotional issues can result in heated arguments and may strain family relationships. Get the opinion of family members who are not directly involved in the issue. They may also be able to help mediate the situation. You can also ask a trusted friend who can take a more objective perspective of the whole situation. This can also apply when you need to make personal decisions that involve going in favor of or going against specific options.


If you need guidance on how to go about a difficult or unfamiliar situation, then you need someone to give you their counsel. Someone with a lot of experience or who has gone under the same situation before is who you should be looking for. This can be older family members, senior colleagues at work, or a friend of a friend who is working in the same industry as you. You can also utilize online forums and groups related to your industry or line of work to get advice on your specific issue.


You will need a coach if your goal is to enhance yourself in a specific area of your life. For example, you will want to consult with a training coach if you want to develop a fitter body. you might need a swimming coach if you want to improve your swimming skills. An executive coach may be training you to improve your work skills. There are different kinds of coaches for different personal development needs.


People who want closer guidance to reach their goals will usually go into a mentoring program. A mentor will help guide you to your goals with information that will affect many different areas of your life. Your mentor may even aid in your career success by providing your opportunities to practice what you have learned. A good mentor may also help get you started on your project.

The best person to ask for advice will be different for every need. One person may be able to provide you different kinds of advice as well. For example, if you are having anxiety issues, then a doctor can provide you discrete advice while also serving as your counsel and coach to improve your health. Asking a professional or expert for advice is a good step but always try to get a second opinion so you can have a wider perspective on things.

The most important thing to remember is to be honest about what you need. Use your network of friends to find the right people to get information from. Be courteous when asking for help. Be open to the types of advice you get. Remember though that some people may be biased. The best approach is to ask a number of people and review all the information you received. Then make the best decision you can at the present situation.

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