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Travel goals should be a part of everyone’s bucket list. Travelling is fun and full of excitement. It makes people happier.  Travelling also helps you grow as a person. It exposes you to a whole new world. It opens your eyes to different ways of doing things. So, if your goal is to have a fresh start, a perfect way in redesigning your life is to have worthy travel goals to make your life better.

Here are worthy travel goals to consider when you go to your next destination:

1. Go to a Place You Have Never Been Before

There is a vast world out there. There are so many places to go to and so many different cultures to experience, so why limit yourself to just a few? Exposing yourself to at least one new place each year is definitely worth your time and resources. 

2. Try Traveling Solo

Travelling solo can change you as a person. It will help you grow. When you travel solo, you will have to assume responsibility for your travel. If something goes wrong, there is no one to blame but you. There is no else who should come up with solutions but you . In short, you need to learn the art of survival in an unfamiliar place. You need to be alert all the time and learn to talk to the locals. You will be forced to come out of your comfort zone. In short, the success or failure of your trip lies solely on you. It might be scary at first but once the trip is over, you will go home a better and more confident individual.

3. Meet New Friends

When you travel, you will notice that everyone is friendly. It is so easy to start a conversation with strangers. To befriend the locals, it helps to learn the basic everyday phrases of the local language. If you are part of a tour, you will be surrounded by fellow travelers like yourself. Just simply start a conversation by asking them questions like where there are from or what places they have visited so far in the area.  Most of the time, they will be more than pleased to share with you their travel experiences. Meeting friends from around the world is what makes traveling more fun and meaningful. 

4. Allow Time for Spontaneity

Having a day-to-day itinerary will help you manage your time and resources well. It will make travelling from one point to another easier if you know where you are going. However, it is not wise to schedule every minute of your trip. That will only lead to stress if it is not followed. Allow some time for spontaneity. If you feel like skipping a part of your tour to just sit in a cafe and watch people; then go ahead.

5. Buy Souvenirs from Local Makers

If you are going to buy souvenirs, don’t buy things that are made abroad. Shop for items that you will never find elsewhere.  Buy from local makers and artisans. Bring home something unique.

6. Try the Local Food

One of the best part of travelling is the food. Your travel will not be complete if you are not going to try out the local cuisines. Always try something new. Have a taste of the authentic flavours. A country’s traditional dishes are reflections of their culture. 

7. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place or landmark that is inscribed by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation as having cultural, historical , intellectual and scientific significance to a particular place. By visiting these sites, you are actually helping the preservation of these places for the future generation. Click here for the complete list of UNESCO World Heritage List.

8. Join Cultural Tours

There is no better way to learn and experience a travel destination than from the locals themselves. Joining a cultural tour will give you an in-depth understanding about the place, its history and the people. There is no need to join a multi-day tour group. There are half-day or whole day tours in almost all travel destinations. Some cities even offer free-walking tours for tourists.

9. Go on An Epic Road Trip 

A road trip is the best way to really experience and explore a place. First, you are in charge. You can stop whenever and wherever you want to. You can eat whatever food you like. In short, you are in control and you have the freedom to choose your own adventure.

10. Go on A Cruise

Did you know that a cruise is one of the cheapest way to travel?  The fee that you are going to pay for the cruise covers almost everything. It includes the transportation, the accommodation, all meals (including room service, use of facilities and amenities, entrance to live shows onboard. Most importantly, a cruise will take you to several different places or countries in just one trip.

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