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You Only Live Once So Make It Count
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Do you often use the phrase “You only live once!” or YOLO? The phrase “You only live once!” is often used in association with trying or doing something risky. In the positive sense, it means to enjoy the present moment and to live life to the fullest. On the other hand, some people use the same phrase to mean embracing risky behavior or even dangerous behavior.

YOLO is a popular expression among the younger generation and it is quite overused and misused. It has applied to petty decisions instead of to major, life-changing decisions. Some people use the phrase mostly as an expression of their willingness to try out something new and fun. What does this phrase mean for you?

YOLO, you only live once
The battle cry of a generation
This life is a precious gift
So don’t get too crazy
It’s not worth the risk

Lonely Island feat. Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamarr – YOLO

The phrase is close in meaning to “carpe diem”, a Latin phrase meaning “seize the day.” It means to grab opportunities when they come because it may not come again. It also implies that opportunities are fleeting and that life is ever changing; so you should take whatever opportunities are presented to you each day. In this context, it implies that one should have the courage to try something out, to take some risks, because it is there for you to take. However, this does not mean that you should take risks just because the chance presented itself. You should never take risks without considering the consequences.

Is it worth the risk?

A prerequisite of taking chances or risks; is to first validate that they are opportunities worth grabbing or risks worth taking. This will of course depend on what your mindset and outlook in life is. Needless to say, you should grab only the opportunities and take the risks that could be beneficial to you at this time or at some point in time. This may seem like a selfish approach, but it is also a safer method.

Some of the risks you take may be because you want to try something new; or because you want to overcome your fear. On a serious note; you might choose to take a risk in order to change your current circumstances. Each person has their own decision-making process; their own considerations to weigh. However, everyone who decides to take a risk must has the courage to take the challenge.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Mae West

Do you have the courage?

Rewards are not always guaranteed when you take risks. Thus, those who take risks should be brave enough to suffer the consequences of failure and learn the lesson. All of us are willing to take risks not just for ourselves but for our loved ones too. Some risks become fun memories or inspiring stories when we look back at them, even if we ended up failing. While others put their everything on the line and end up enjoying the rewards of their risks. Whatever type of risk you take; you should have the courage to see it through to the end, whether you end up failing or victorious.

Do you understand the risk?

We often think: you only live once so take the chance and luck may smile at you. Those who get rewarded for taking risks are not always the lucky ones. Most of them worked hard in different areas of their lives. They continued to learn and practice what they needed to and they maintained good relationships with their colleagues. They made a habit of honing their skills and kept kept believing in themselves and their goals. As a result, they were well-informed and ready to make the best choice when it came to making the risky decision. If it’s clear to you what you can lose and what you can gain; then you know whether to take the risk or not.

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