Hi, I’m A.L. Jonas

A.L. Jonas

I am a devoted wife, loving mother, avid reader, dreamer, financial freedom advocate, health conscious, passionate traveller, KDrama enthusiast and a BTS fanatic.

Hi, I’m H.J. Rangas

H.J. Rangas

I am a happy, single, freelance worker, curious learner, life-student, plant-based foodie, book-lover, movie enthusiast, loyal friend and adventurous traveler.

Our Story

We are two individuals who love reading and have a passion for writing about life in general.

We are not experts on these subjects. Just like you, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs in life. We are still in the process of exploring and learning what life has to offer. 

Your Life Sketch: Our Story
Your Life Sketch: Our Beliefs

Our Belief

Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling and successful life yet not everyone can experience it.

True success is about being well, not just in the physical sense but also emotional, intellectual, and even spiritual. In the same way, wealth is not just about acquiring financial assets and material things. It is also the richness of your life experiences including the quality and abundance of your personal relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a happier, healthier and wealthier life for ordinary people.

Our Mission

This blog is our way of sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.

We hope you can learn a thing or two from our stories and insights.

Let’s learn to overcome life’s challenges together, redesigning life in the process and
succeeding in achieving our goals one step at a time.

Our Community

What started as a blog is now a community.
Joining us in our mission are a group of individuals who, like us, believe that
ordinary people have the power within themselves to live a great life.
All it needs are simple steps done consistently on a daily basis.

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Hi, I’m L.S. Ponciano

I am a doting mother of two daughters, spontaneous, unpredictable (moody), passionate learner, mid-level OC, impulsive (trying to put a lid on it), cat lover, theater buff, frustrated artist, loves travel but dislikes being out in the sun.

Hi, I’m R.C. Yap

R.C. Yap

I am a dutiful wife, overprotective and loving mother, dedicated and loyal employee, faithful friend, enthusiastic romance novel reader and Sudoku Puzzle solver, Kdrama and Movie fanatic, avid traveler, food and coffee lover.

Rachelle Profile

Hi, I’m Rachelle

I am a trainer, educator and entrepreneur who loves learning new things, connecting with people, and pondering over the mundane as well as the mysterious things in life.

I host the Your Life Sketch livestream every Saturday, 10AM. Join me and the community on our social media channels.

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