The Marshmallow Test: Now or Delayed Gratification?
By: H.J. Rangas | April 10, 2021
The Marshmallow Test gave children the choice to eat now or choose delayed gratification for another marshmallow. The experiment studied how children exercise their self-control. Stanford professor Walter Mischel conducted this is experiment in the 1960s. This test was part of a series of psychological studies which followed the children's...
What Do You Focus On?
By: A.L. Jonas | January 23, 2021


Good things that can turn bad
By: A.L. Jonas | April 27, 2021
There are everyday things that we enjoy doing. They are fun, relaxing and give us a sense of calmness and fulfillment. We need them in order to maintain a balanced life. They are good for our overall well-being. It is not good for the health if it is all work...
A Balanced Life
By: A.L. Jonas | January 3, 2021


Benefits of The Tithe and Giving Back
By: H.J. Rangas | May 6, 2021
Do you know the benefits of the tithe and giving back? The concept of sharing our blessings is a teaching that we often hear as children. Sadly, we do not practice this very much. As we grow older, we don’t often encounter such generosity from other people either. This is...


hings You Can Do Right Now to Reset Your Health
By: H.J. Rangas | March 29, 2021
There are many things that you can do right now to help you reset your health. Keeping our immune system healthy is our first defense from any sickness. Diet and exercise are not the only factor that affect the efficiency of our immune system. Maintaining our overall health requires us...


little things that are damaging your skin
By: A.L. Jonas | April 5, 2021
Good skin is essential in any age whether you are in your teens or already in the elderly group. Thus, a good skin care routine is a necessary habit for everyone. In fact, it should start early in life because this will help slow down the aging process. However, did...


Characteristics of a Successful start up
By: A.L. Jonas | December 18, 2020
Have you heard of the phrase "survival of the fittest"? Made famous by Charles Darwin's theory of evolution; the phrase means that in natural selection, only the strong can survive. And they are the ones who have adapted to the environment well. The same is true with the world of...


10 Power dressing must haves in a woman's closet
By: A.L. Jonas | May 12, 2021
Clothes are an important part of projecting an image of confidence, power and success.  It influences how others see you. Although we should not judge a person based on appearances, it is a fact that people always have and will always judge a person by his or her appearance.  That’s...


Bad Habits That You Need to Quit Right Now
By: H.J. Rangas | April 24, 2021
Do you have bad habits that you need to quit right now? We may not realize it, but we might have bad habits that will have negative consequences for us in the long run. That's why it's good for us to stop them right now and replace them with better...


redecorating tips on a budget
By: A.L. Jonas | March 9, 2021
The new normal entails us to spend more time at home. Whether we are busy studying, working from home or simply just relaxing, sometimes spending too much time at home can be quite stressful. That's why it is important to have a relaxing environment to help us handle stress. Having...


Why I Stopped Investing in the Stock Market
By: A.L. Jonas | January 19, 2021
When I first got into the stock market I was always looking for the blue chip stock or the undervalued stock with the dream of thinking one day it will make me rich. After 2 years of getting 10%-15% returns; I realized it would take me many years to achieve...


Why I love BTS
By: A.L. Jonas | April 22, 2021
I am in my late 40's and I am a proud member of the BTS Army. If you have been living under a rock, BTS is a seven-member boy band from South Korea who has been capturing the hearts of millions of people around the globe. Mind you, joining fan...


Simple Ways That You Can Do To Help Save the Planet
By: A.L. Jonas | April 19, 2021
There are simple actions that we do each day that are harming the environment. Remember that we only have one planet, if we are not going to take care of it, who else will? The good news is that all of us have the power to if not reverse at...
celebrating Christmas
By: A.L. Jonas | December 25, 2020


Black Swan: When Being Perfect is Not Enough
By: H.J. Rangas | May 10, 2021
Are you a White Swan or a Black Swan? What would you do when being perfect is not enough? A lot of people have an unhealthy obsession with being perfect. This is especially true in industries where individuals need to look and be perfect both in front of the camera...


Little Things That Destroy Relationships
By: H.J. Rangas | April 9, 2021
The little things that destroy relationships are often not always clear to the parties involved. Couples, friends or family members end up angry and confused; not knowing what actually happened. Sometimes after the relationship has ended or become stagnant; we still don't know exactly why the situation became worse. We...


Most beautiful places to travel in spring
By: A.L. Jonas | February 21, 2021
Sure we cannot travel yet because we are still in the middle of the pandemic but one day, we will be able too. In the meantime, why not visualize yourself on that perfect spring day in your dream destination? Here is a list of some most beautiful places to travel...