signs that you are not aligned with your purpose
By: A.L. Jonas | February 1, 2023
Do you wake up at 3am to 4am? In science, the explanation is that your circadian rhythm has been disrupted. On the other hand, based on the organ clock of Chinese medicine, waking up at those hours means bladder issues. In folklore, this is what you call the witching hour....


Your Mindset Affects The Direction Of Your Life
By: A.L. Jonas | July 19, 2022
Your mindset affects the direction of your life. It determines your future. Your mental attitude and disposition will lead the way to either your success or failure in life. Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset A growth mindset is an underlying belief that you are in control of your destiny. Thus,...


Names for Emotions That Are Hard to Describe
By: H.J. Rangas | November 29, 2022
Don't you sometimes wish that you have names for emotions that are hard to describe? We are more familiar with the concept of a love language as well as expressing and identifying basic emotions. But there are more complex emotions that are hard to express both physically and verbally. Luckily,...


5 Ways to Use ACV for Your Beauty Routine
By: H.J. Rangas | August 25, 2022
Did you know that apple cider vinegar or ACV is beneficial for your beauty routine? The skin is the biggest organ in the body. Anything it absorbs can affect the rest of our body. The use of natural ingredients in beauty products is highly recommended as they not only make...


5 Ways to Get Closer to Your Authentic Self
By: H.J. Rangas | February 27, 2023
Being true to ourselves is the foundation for getting closer to living as our authentic self. By knowing who we are; we can understand and connect more deeply with the people around us. However, in a world where perfection is seen as the ideal; this is a hard process to...


5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Your Daily Items
By: H.J. Rangas | January 30, 2023
There are many ways that we can help reduce environmental pollution. Eventually, a lifestyle change is needed if we really want to maximize our efforts. We all know that will take some time. In the meantime, we can start by using eco-friendly alternatives for our daily items. Reusable Water Bottle...


Signs that you are ready to invest
By: A.L. Jonas | March 24, 2023
You are tired of working for money. And you have finally decided to slowly accumulate assets and build your wealth. The question now is are you ready to invest? Here are signs that you are ready to invest: Investment Prerequisites Before you enter the world of investing, there are certain...


Signs You Are in A Toxic Work Place
By: H.J. Rangas | July 7, 2022
Are you thinking of quitting your job? If you are, you must be experiencing any of the signs that you are in a toxic work environment. If you see any instances of these in your work place; then it is time to rethink your career strategy. Being in a toxic...