You Only Live Once So Make It Count
By: H.J. Rangas | November 17, 2021
Do you often use the phrase "You only live once!" or YOLO? The phrase "You only live once!" is often used in association with trying or doing something risky. In the positive sense, it means to enjoy the present moment and to live life to the fullest. On the other...


ways the universe sends us messages
By: A.L. Jonas | September 27, 2021
Feeling lost in life? Do you feel isolated from the rest of the world? It is painful and lonely. But if it is any consolation, know that you are not alone. Everyone goes through that feeling more so if you are at a crossroad in life. There are really days...


What to do if you can't pay your mortgage
By: A.L. Jonas | October 16, 2021
Defaulting on your mortgage is not the same as not being able to pay rent. If you miss your rental payment, you can easily talk to the landlord for an extension. If you really can no longer pay, worse scenario is you pack your things and look for another property...


Signs That You Need Professional Help For Your Anxiety
By: H.J. Rangas | October 15, 2021
All of us have our anxieties but it should not interrupt our daily life. If your worries and fears are bothering you too much; then see if you are exhibiting signs that you need professional help for your anxiety. Anxiety and anxiety disorders can manifest in different ways. People with...


What is Considered Beautiful?
By: H.J. Rangas | November 11, 2021
What is considered beautiful? There is no, one answer to this. Different cultures have different concepts and standards of beauty. In terms of personal beauty; the definition has changed with time. The good news is, we have accepted beauty beyond what we see on magazine covers and the models they...


warning signs your business is failing
By: A.L. Jonas | October 6, 2021
It is hard to start a business. It is even harder to keep a business afloat most especially during trying times. In fact, statistics reveal that about one in five businesses fail within the start-up period. Although no entrepreneur wants his or her business to fail; nevertheless, it is important...


No Need to Follow Fashion Trends
By: H.J. Rangas | November 15, 2021
Are you someone who always wants to be with the "in" crowd? Are you always on the look out for what's new in fashion? Do you fear being left out-of-style? The desire to be always in style with the people around you can be bad for you if it has...


Why Money Can't Buy Love
By: H.J. Rangas | November 24, 2021
Money makes the world go round, but why is it that money can't buy love? "Money makes the world go round," is a familiar saying that we often hear. It means that if you have money; you can have anything you want in the world. Well, almost everything because we...


Items That Bring Positive Energy to Your Home
By: H.J. Rangas | September 20, 2021
Have you been busy with some decluttering? Thinking of redecorating your home? Aside from re-arranging your furniture; you can use items that bring positive energy to your home as decoration. Here are some of them: Bamboo There are different indoor bamboo plants that you can use as ornaments around your...


designer handbags as investments
By: A.L. Jonas | November 12, 2021
Women love bags.  Bags are not only useful, they also complete an outfit. Bags are included in the basic fashion must-haves. They can also serve as statement pieces. But did you know that designer handbags can be part of your investment portfolio too? Yes, you have read it correctly: designer handbags...


Reasons You Should Listen to Audiobooks
By: H.J. Rangas | October 24, 2021
Most of us listen to our favorite music or radio stations when we commute from home to work and vice versa. We used to be able to bring a book but it takes up space and effort. A more productive way to spend this time is to learn something. Instead...
feel good korean dramas
By: A.L. Jonas | September 18, 2021
Why I love BTS
By: A.L. Jonas | April 22, 2021


the allure of limited edition items
By: A.L. Jonas | November 7, 2021
In 1985, one of the most iconic Nike shoes ever, Air Jordan 1 was released. The basketball shoes were designed for famous athlete Micheal Jordan. Today, more than 35 years later, the shoes are still as popular as ever. In fact, it is now a multi-billion dollar worldwide sensation. The...


self-confidence begins at home
By: A.L. Jonas | November 18, 2021
Are you a confident person? Did you know that your self-confidence begins at home? How we see ourselves today is a product of how we were brought up as children. Our self-esteem is shaped by how much we felt loved and adored as a child by our parents. Building Self-Confidence...


Little Things That Destroy Relationships
By: H.J. Rangas | April 9, 2021
The little things that destroy relationships are often not always clear to the parties involved. Couples, friends or family members end up angry and confused; not knowing what actually happened. Sometimes after the relationship has ended or become stagnant; we still don't know exactly why the situation became worse. We...


What Do You Think is Your Travel Personality?
By: H.J. Rangas | May 20, 2021
What do you think is your travel personality? Do you notice any difference in your personality when you travel alone or with a group? Remember that we all have our personas. We may be a different person when we travel by ourselves or when we travel with other people. Our...