vegan vs regular make-up: what is the difference
By: A.L. Jonas | June 21, 2022
The vegan cosmetic market is now on the rise. It is projected to reach up to US $21.4 billion by 2027 according to a report by Report Linker. It seems that more and more people are now putting importance on environmental wellness. Consumers are now buying products that are in...


what are you feeling inside out
By: A.L. Jonas | May 25, 2022
What are you feeling "inside out'? When you see someone smiling, we automatically know that that person is happy. In the same way that we know that a person is sad when that person is crying. That is because certain expressions and reactions are manifestations of what people are feeling...


Different Smarts: What is Your Intelligence Type?
By: H.J. Rangas | May 12, 2022
Ever wondered what your intelligence type is? What kind of intelligent are you? What kind of "smarts" do you have? We usually divide ourselves into book smart or street smart. One is based mostly on the academic way of learning. The other is based on learning from experiences. There are...


Dreams of A Better Future
By: H.J. Rangas | June 4, 2022
Do your dreams reflect that of a better future? Not just for you, for everyone around you; even for the world. The dreams that you vaguely recall upon waking up are not what we mean here. We mean the dreams that you have consciously; the ones that you created in...


10 Gadgets That Help You Save Money
By: H.J. Rangas | June 16, 2022
Modern technology has allowed us to do much more than when we didn’t have our electronic gadgets and devices. These devices have become a necessity in our daily lives and we have many options to choose from. Initially, these gadgets are major expenses. But with a little research, we can...


Achieving Success Through The People Around You
By: A.L. Jonas | June 13, 2022
What makes a good life? Whether you dream of success, health, wealth or happiness; the answer remains the same. It all boils down to your relationships to the people around you. As Jim Rohn said "Your network is your net worth". So, ask yourself. Who are the people around you?...


Signs That You Are Enjoying Occupational Wellness
By: H.J. Rangas | June 9, 2022
Day dreaming in your job instead of working in your dream job? Not all of us may be working in our dream job yet, but we still need to ensure our occupational wellness. Here are some signs that tell us that we are at least enjoying occupational wellness in our...


5 Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Your Home
By: H.J. Rangas | May 26, 2022
All of us want to live and work in an environment that makes us feel safe and protected. Unfortunately, not all of us are aware of the many harmful substances that may make their way into our home. This is not only from the products we use but even in...