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A Whole New World
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Whether we like it or not, the world has changed. We just woke up one day in 2020 and there is a whole new world out there waiting for us. We can no longer go back to how we used to live before the pandemic. Even with the development of the vaccine, Covid-19 will not just ‘magically’ go away. It is now part of our world and our environment. And it is going to be here with us for a long time.

Point of No Return

We already came to a point where we can no longer change the environment. At this point, no amount of lockdown, no matter how long can prevent the spread of the virus. What it can do is just to help slow the spread. If we can no longer change the outside, what is left is for us is to do is to change our way of life. We need to learn to co-exist with the virus.

It will be difficult to adapt to the new normal if we continue to look at things the same way. We need to change the way we see things and try to look at it from a different angle.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

-Wayne Dyer

A New Fantastic Point of View

Remember Aladdin? When he took Princess Jasmine out for that magic carpet ride, he showed the princess, a whole new world. Well, technically it is still the same world. Aladdin just wanted to show Princess Jasmine to take a look at the world differently and see it from a new fantastic point of view.

With all the changes happening, you are still you. You are greater than your current situation. Trust and believe in yourself. There is a silver lining out of all this. After all, success comes if you learn to how to overcome challenges in life. You just need to start looking at things differently.

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Are you up to the challenge?

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