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Do you believe in soulmates?
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Do you believe in soulmates? This is a question that is a subject for debate. Many people believe in soulmates while at the same time, there are still a lot of skeptics. Well, the idea of soulmates give a lot of people something to look forward to. Just the mere thought of having someone out there that is meant for you to meet and to live your happy ever after makes one feel elated.

But what really is a soulmate? Since it is not yet a well-defined science; we have invited an expert to answer our questions about soulmates. Ms. Au Mayari is an intuitive reader, an energy healer and a love coach. She is a divine soul connector or someone who connects people not just to other people but to God, Mother Earth and to our departed loved ones. Here is an excerpt of our livestream interview with Ms. Mayari.

What is A Soulmate?

Ms. Au Mayari defines a soulmate as someone whom you have an intense connection with in your past life. You meet each other and you remember your previous connection; at least the feeling that you had before. It is not necessarily romantic. That person could be your parent. child or friend. It can be anyone. It is different from a twin flame in the sense that a twin flame is actually you, your soul split into two. The purpose of this is to maximize the learning here on earth.

Is the Connection Always Good?

Apparently, no. In fact you can actually have a connection with someone that you don’t like. A soulmate can be someone that you have a karmic connection with or a debt in the past life. The reason why you have to meet in this lifetime is that you have to balance or repay that debt. There are times actually that your soulmate will do something that will hurt you so much. It is all part of the learning process of your soul. This explains why some people have very strong attachments with relationships that are no longer good for them.

Can We Have More Than One Soulmate?

The answer is yes. In fact, most of your family members are your soulmates. In fact, your connections extend to not just your family members but also to your friends, co-workers, associates and even past relationships. For example you meet someone for the first time and for some reason who just click right away. There is a feeling that you have known each other for so long. That’s a soulmate. At the same time, there are times when you meet someone and you just don’t like the person even though that person did not do anything to you. That’s also considered a soulmate. You have a karmic tie from your past life.

What Are The Signs That A Person is Your Soulmate?

Aside from the intense connection, your soulmates are normally the people around you who are closest to you. It is just a matter of understanding what are the roles those individuals play in your life – for your learning and growth.

What is A Divine Soulmate?

According to Ms. Au Mayari, you can find the divine soulmate by discovering a lot of things about yourself. It is your inner thoughts and desires. It is actually the answer to what you really aspire for in a partner, stripped of social programming. Social programming is what society dictates on what an ideal partner should be. Once these realizations are out about yourself, your divine soulmate will now come into the picture. The divine partner has an important role to help you in your life path.

How do We Free Ourselves with Karmic Connections?

Karmic connections are turbulent connections. They are something that we need to experience or undergo in order to learn or to pay our debt from the past life to that particular person. Once we have learned our lesson, only then can we free ourselves from that connection. If for example the toxic relationship is that with a close family member or relative, you will know that you have freed yourselves from the karmic connections when that person changes his or her attitude for the better towards you.

Is It Possible to Get Reincarnated As A Group?

Ma. Au Mayari said that since we have soul connections to most of the people around us; yes, it is possible to get reincarnated as a group. We need to learn from our karmic connections in order for our soul to grow. In addition, there is what you call a group karma. Example, the karma of one nation living together in one country.

How to Connect With Your Soulmates?

The answer is to be yourself. Remove your social mask. You can attract the people that you are supposed to have connections with in this lifetime if you are going to be true to yourself. That is the only way to connect to people on a deeper level. Once you have shown your true self, it will be easy to find your soulmates or even your divine soulmate because there is such a thing as quantum entanglement. Whatever you are feeling, that person can feel it too.

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Ms. Au Mayari is an intuitive reader, an energy healer, a love coach and a divine soul connector. You can connect with her through her Facebook page.

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