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korean dramas about having a support system for success
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The presence of a support group in your lives is an essential factor to success. Your support group will serve as your driving force for success. You need people who will believe in you when no else would and will stay by your side when all others left. If you are a Kdrama fan, you might want to check out some dramas about having a support group. These dramas illustrate the importance of having people around that served as the wind beneath the wings of the leads. Here are the list of Korean Dramas about having a support system for success:

1. Birth of a Beauty (2014)

Overweight and kind-hearted Sa Geum-Ran spent years being maltreated and abused by her in-laws while her husband had an affair. To make matters worse, his husband was the one who asked for a divorce. To get revenge, she underwent an extreme makeover. She worked together with Han Tae Hee as her life coach. Han Tae Hee is an heir to a large corporation who is suffering from a broken heart syndrome.

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2. The Doctors (2016)

The Doctors is a medical drama about a troubled teenager Yoo Hye-jung. She changed her delinquent ways when she met her mentor, Dr. Hong Ji Hong. He is a neurosurgeon who played a major role in influencing the life of the heroine and transforming her from a troublesome youth to a compassionate and successful doctor.

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3. Dr. Romantic I (2016) & II (2020)

Boo Yong-ju was once a famous doctor who gave it all up to live in a small town. There, he became Teacher Kim and served as mentors to young doctors who lost their way in their professions. He taught them skills. He also served as inspiration for them to remain righteous in their careers and not become doctors who merely aspire for fame, wealth and power.

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4. I’m Not a Robot (2017)

The male lead, Kim Min-Kyu is a very rich man but lives in isolation because he has a severe allergy from human contacts. He becomes interested in a humanoid robotic project called Aji3. When the robot Aj3 malfunctioned on the scheduled demonstration, the inventor sent Jo Ji-ah to pretend and act like the robot. Through Aji3, the male lead was slowly able to overcome his mental and health issues and began trusting humans again.

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5. It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014)

The drama is about two broken and flawed individuals who found each other and helped heal one another in the process. It is not your typical romantic comedy because it deals with mental health. A bestselling mystery novel writer and psychiatrist both have traumatic pasts. The story is all about their journey towards healing, love and acceptance.

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6. Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Cha Do-Hyeon is a third generation billionaire who suffered from multiple personality disorder because of a traumatic childhood. He was able to regain control of his life, despite his seven different personalities through the help of Oh Ri-Jin, a first year psychiatric resident.

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7. Protect the Boss (2011)

Protect the Boss is a workplace romantic comedy between a boss and his secretary. The boss, Cha Ji Heon, is an immature youngest son of a conglomerate. The male lead is the exact opposite of the strong, tough, independent and strong-minded female lead, Noh Eun-Sol the secretary. Trust and friendship were formed as two started working together. Because of Noh Eun-Sol’s support and belief in her boss; Cha Ji Heon finally got his act together, overcame with his fears and managed to prove himself worthy of becoming the successor of the business.

8. Reply 1988 (2016)

Reply 1988 is a story about five people who live in the same neighborhood and have been friends since childhood. It is a story of family, friendship, and dreams in life. It shows the ups and downs of their everyday lives and their journey towards happiness and success. The drama depicts the importance of having a support system around you, those people who will accept you for who you really are.

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9. School 2013 (2012)

This is a teen drama that depicts the life, struggles and dilemmas of students. It is about friendship, growing up and having hope for the future. Kang Se Chan and Jung In Jae are school teachers in the story who have a class of tough teenagers. They are two teachers who greatly influenced the lives of the their students in more ways than one. They were able to help the students overcome their struggles and start dreaming of a better tomorrow.

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10. The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019)

The Secret Life of My Secretary is about a cold boss who fired his overworked secretary despite her efficiency and his overly dependence on her. He ended up needing her help again when he lost his ability to recognize faces. Together, they solve the mysteries and challenges of the mobile media company and in their lives.

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