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Life Goes On Challenge
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If there is anything, the arrival of the vaccine gave the world hope. But just when we thought that the world would soon return to the way it was before; the discovery of the new COVID-19 variant forced many nations to a new set of lockdowns. Thus, it is difficult to move on in life when the external environment is prohibiting us from doing so. Although there is no magic formula on how to move on in life especially when we are struggling, we know that life entails us to move on. We need courage to dare to do the Life Goes On Challenge.

So, how do we go about it? What do we need to do in order to move on? The answer is simple, we take little steps to success each day. Success by definition is not limited to your career or financial life. Success can be applied to health, wealth, relationships, money, spiritual life and even general well-being. Little steps means take advantage of this time, when the world is in slow motion mode, to plant seeds for success in whatever aspect in life that you want to succeed.

#LifeGoesOn by BTS Challenge

An example is the #LifeGoesOn Tiktok Challenge by BTS, the biggest boy band in the world right now. It is a worldwide campaign for their fans to upload videos of themselves showing how they are moving on with their lives in creative ways while the world is still in the middle of a pandemic. The challenge was able to set a record of 930 million views in 15 days.

Video Source: BANGTANTV

It is a small step. It may seem trivial for many. Yet, it sends a powerful message of Life Goes On. Every person that submitted an entry is doing their best to move on in life, in their own ways. Life is a decision. These people could have chosen to be depressed, sad, and moped during these trying times. Yet, instead, they chose to move on by showing their creative sides.

Your Own Life Goes On Challenge

What about you? Are you willing to take the challenge? If so, ask yourself. What little thing can I do today to take me one step closer to a better life?

If your goal is health, maybe you can try to start exercising today or drink an extra glass of water. You can make a simple phone call or send a message to someone if your goal is to have better relationships. If you want a better financial life, maybe you can use this time to upgrade your financial literacy to learn about investing and how money works. If you are unsure of what you want to do in life yet, then maybe you can take advantage of this time by reflecting and knowing yourself better. Try to unleash the genius within you. And once you have discovered it, you are now ready to redefine your life through a bucket list.

It does not have to be a gigantic step. Just little things done daily can determine your success of failure in life.

Simple daily disciplines – little productive action, repeated consistently over time – add up to the difference between failure and success.

– Jeff Olson

What are you waiting for? Take the Life Goes On Challenge now.

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