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Most beautiful places to travel in spring
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Sure we cannot travel yet because we are still in the middle of the pandemic but one day, we will be able too. In the meantime, why not visualize yourself on that perfect spring day in your dream destination? Here is a list of some most beautiful places to travel in spring.

1. Geneva, Switzerland

One of the largest lakes in Western, Europe, Lake Geneva is lined with flowers in full bloom during spring. You will see a picture-postcard scenery with the Swiss Alps and some medieval castles in the backdrop. No wonder it is considered one of Europe’s top destinations. With the highest elevation in Europe, you can enjoy a range of activities from sightseeing to even some winter sports that the Alps has to offer even in Spring.

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2. Holland, Netherlands

Tulips are large brightly colored flowers usually in red, pink, yellow and white. They are the most colorful of all spring flowers. And the Netherlands soil and environment is the perfect country to grow these tulip bulbs. That’s why there are acres and acres of tulip fields found all over the country but the most number of tulip fields can be found in Holland. The tulips are in full bloom from mid-March to mid-May. You can go to the Keukenhof to see the world’s biggest flower exhibition or at the FloraHolland to see the world’s biggest flower auction. Or you can just simply drive around the country to discover a vast sea of flowers everywhere.

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3. Kyoto, Japan

Spring is the most coveted time of the year in Japan, especially in Kyoto. Have you heard of the Sakura festival? Officially called the Hanami Festival, it actually pertains to the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is because it is in this time of the year where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. And Kyoto is the historical and cultural center of Japan. Once the capital of Japan for over a thousand years, there are about 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kyoto. Imagine exploring the historical heart of the country amidst the cherry blossoms, it is truly going to be one wonderful experience.

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4. New York, USA

Looking for a city to visit? Then New York is the best place to go. You can stand in awe at the skyscrapers, watch a Broadway show, visit world-class museums or simply eat delicious foods from around the world. Known as America’s melting pot with more than a third of its population coming from different countries, New York has something to offer to every nationality. Although New York can be quite expensive, there are ways to enjoy NYC even on a budget. Spring is the perfect time to visit the city because the temperature is just perfect to walk around and explore what the city has to offer.

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5. Tuscany, Italy

if you are looking for art, culture, food, history, shopping and wine; then Tuscany is the best place to go to. With its dramatic scenery and the historic cities of Siena and Florence, you can just simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes or admire the beautiful medieval art. You can even shop for leather, wine, cheese, truffle oil, ceramics and even luxury designer brands. Spring is the perfect place to visit Tuscany as the weather is perfect to go around and the days are longer. Going around in Tuscany in Spring is a magical experience.

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