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signs that someone needs help
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The past year has been hard for a lot of people. The pandemic has affected not just the physical health of millions; but its devastating effect has reached even the social, mental, emotional and even financial well-being of the people. Kudos to those who are able to overcome the challenges that these past few months had brought. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to turn their pain into success. Others are still navigating their way out while a few might really be having a hard time. How to spot those who are still struggling? For all you know that are just around you and waiting for you to save them. Here are signs that someone needs help:

1.Emotional Outbursts

You are having a conversation with somebody. Everything was normal until he started getting angry and started shouting. This kind of rapid change of behavior characterized with strong uncontrolled emotional and exaggerated feelings are what you call emotional outbursts. A normal person generally can control and regulate intense emotions especially if in front of many people. If the emotional outbursts become frequent, it is a sign that that person is struggling.


Insomnia is having trouble sleeping at night. It is also considered insomnia if one wakes up several times at night. Although there are times wherein insomnia is caused by an underlying illness or as a side effect of medications, more often than not, insomnia is due to stress. If the insomnia has been going on for weeks to the point that it is already interfering with daytime activities; then it is a sign that it is already a cause for concern.

3. Lost of Interest in Activities

A common symptom of depression and mental illness is anhedonia. Anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure especially even after doing things that the person used to enjoy. It is a state where nothing feels good anymore. If you know someone who lost interest in things that they used to enjoy a lot, chances are that person is struggling.

4. Persistent Feeling of Sadness

It is normal to feel sad every now and then. After all, we are all humans. Thus, it’s okay to not be okay. The problem lies when the feeling of sadness becomes a mainstay. That is already not okay. If you know someone who is like this, that is a clear sign that that someone needs help. The same is true with persistent and excessive feelings of fear or worry.

5.Physical Changes

Do you know of people who stopped taking care of their personal appearances? A decline in personal grooming and hygiene are symptoms of a person struggling. If you know someone who exhibits these symptoms, please be aware that that person may be struggling.

6. Social Withdrawal

Social withdrawal is avoiding people or social gatherings. There are individuals whose personalities are really introverted and shy. So, it is normal for these persons to not socialize a lot unless really needed. What is alarming if social withdrawal happens to those people who were not like that before. The change of behavior is normally a sign that that person is going through a lot mentally and emotionally.

7. Unexplained Sickness

Do you know of someone who always complains of body aches and pain yet the doctor can’t seem to find an underlying illness behind it. Actually, one of the manifestations of depression is physical pain without an obvious cause. It is not because “they are all in your head” but rather depression and other mental suffering can really cause the pain.

8.Weight Changes

Food and mood normally are associated with one another. The food that you eat affects your mood. In the same way, if people are depressed they have the tendency to overeat because food provides a sense of comfort while others won’t have the appetite to eat at all. Either way, weight changes.

Be observant to the people around you. They may need you now more than ever. If you notice these signs recurring over and over again, then it may be an indication that professional help is needed.

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