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Have you seen the latest K-drama that is topping the charts lately? The series, Start-up is about the story of individuals involve in the start-up world of technological companies. It is about the struggles and challenges that people faced when starting a company.

By definition, start-up pertains to a newly-formed company by entrepreneurs who wants to bring their product or service to the world. According to Forbes magazine, nine out of ten start-ups fail. That is how hard it is to start a business from scratch, especially with little capital. It’s really a great challenge.

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Despite the low success rate, there are still the 10% that succeed. The statistics might be low but it is still worth a shot compared to not trying to all.

The biggest failure you can have in life is not trying to all.

-Emil Motycka

Did you know that the most successful people on the planet have failed their way to success? Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Sir James Dyson, Bill Gates, Colonel Harland Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, you name it; all failed first before reaching the level of success that they are enjoying or have enjoyed in their life. That is because they understand that failure is part of success.

The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.

– Paolo. Coelho

Whether you are trying to start a business, changing careers, migrating to a different country or taking a relationship to the next level, take courage. Don’t be afraid to try to start something new. After all, success happens outside your comfort zone.

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