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Style Comebacks Is The 2021 Fashion Trend
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It seems that style comebacks is the 2021 fashion trend. Decluttering was one of the ways we tried to calm down our anxieties and our boredom last year. If you have organized your closet and are just left with your closet must-haves; then it’s time to look at what you could add to it this year.

If you haven’t thrown out your clothes from several seasons ago, then you’re in luck. This year, it seems that the fashion styles from the past are making a come back. So you might want to shop your parents’s and grandparents’ closets instead.

Here are some of the fashion trends that are predicted to be popular this year.

Comfortable Loungewear

If you still have that matchy-matchy top and bottom loungewear hidden away, then it’s time to take them out. Comfortable loungewear have been elevated to outdoor wear. You can wear them to your office or get togethers. Just make sure they still look appropriate and you don’t look like you’re wearing sleep wear instead. The point here is to dress for comfort without discounting style.

Stay comfortable and stylish in loungewear.
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Pastel Colors + Metallics + Khakis

For those who still want to retain the minimalist vibe, clothing in pastel colors and reliable khaki bottoms will keep you looking stylish. Matching pastel wear, like loungewear, are in. Khaki skirts and pants are also going to be reliable bottoms for almost any kind of shirt or blouse including metallic tops! Metallic clothing is also back in style so you can now rock that sleek, shiny number you have hidden in your closet.

Khakis will compliment your classic, minimalist look.
Photo by Marionel Luciano on Unsplash

High-Waist & Big Jeans

Something else you can pair your stylish tops with are high-wasted jeans or big jeans. While we are already familiar with the high-waisted jeans trend, big jeans are making a comeback. Now you don’t have to be relegated to the skinny jeans for your outings because comfy, big jeans are back in style. Who knew that mom jeans will be part of the style comebacks that is the 2021 fashion trend?

High-waisted and big jeans are back again.
Photo by Kai Gabriel on Unsplash

Bra Tops + Bold Shoulders + Sweater Vests

You can pair your khakis and big jeans with bra tops and blouses with bold shoulders. There are different styles to choose from so be as bold or as classic as you want or get a style that satisfies both categories. For plain tops , sweater vests can add that stylish flair and keep you comfy in cool weather too.

Pick a toned down, bold shoulder top for a casual daytime look.
Photo by Khaled Ghareeb on Unsplash

Oversized Button Downs + Cut-Outs

We’ve seen the boyfriend shirt. This year, it’s time to own that oversized look. Oversized button downs in different styles and colors will be a comfortable fashion staple this year. You can pair them with khakis or big jeans or shorts for your grocery runs. For a bit of flair, cut-outs are still in. Wear them for a casual lunch with the girls or an elegant dinner.

Cut-outs and crochet? They’re both back!
Photo by Monica Silva on Unsplash

Florals & Tie Dyes

Florals are making a comeback as well. You don’t need to wear them just for summer. Tie dyes on the other hand do have a place in your closet for doing your errands or for road trips. Since both styles are quite eye-catching, make sure that they are still appropriate wear for the occasions you wear them to. You don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Floral patterns are in again.
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash.

Netting + Crochet + Cinched Waists + Stylish Collars

Accessories can help your style stand out even more. Layering your plain tops with netting or a crochet vest adds a unique touch to your attire. If you’re wearing clothes with a lot of volume or quite flowy; then a belt can come in handy to give you back your shape. Take out your stylish belts and use them to cinch your waist for added style. Want to achieve a classic look? Try a top that has an interesting collar or accessorize your plain shirt with one. By the way, turtlenecks are also still on trend.

A cinched waist is still on trend.
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Trench Coats + Statement Coats + Windbreakers

For colder weather, trench coats are still preferred in classic cuts and neutral colors but in trendier styles. If it’s not that cold then a bright, colorful, statement coat is a great way to stay warm and fashionable at the same time. For a more sporty feel, windbreakers can act as a fashionable top while battling windy or rainy weather.

Your reliable windbreaker is still in style.
Photo by Ed Zavala on Unsplash

Flat Platforms

If you’ve still got a pair of these still lying around then it’s their time to shine. Take them out and see which fashion trend you can try them out with. They can go with any of the clothes you have as long as they are in a neutral color. You can also go with plain colored or minimalist attire and let your bright colored shoes pop instead.

Welcome back your flat, platform shoes.
Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Sustainability + Androgynous Tailoring

One of the things you will love about the 2021 fashion trend is it’s focus on sustainability. Clothing manufacturers and fashion trend setters are now more aware and focused on choosing items that are made from sustainable materials and processed that way as well.

Also, for people who want to try out some items from the men’s isle and vice versa, androgynous tailoring will give you that opportunity. Now you can have a couple vest or couple blazer to match each other.

These are some of the style comebacks of the 2021 fashion trend that you can watch out for. Considering a new wardrobe? Try out these tips on how to get a new wardrobe.

Do you have any of these clothings items in your closet? If yes, then lucky you. If not, then what styles do you want to try? What other fashion trends do you wish to see come back?

Featured Image: Original Photo by freestocks on Unsplash.

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