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5 Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe
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We all need our clothes, shoes and bags for our daily work but we don’t need all of them all the time. The changing seasons also means that we use a different set of our wardrobe for a different season. Here are 5 tips to organize your wardrobe. An organized wardrobe keep your stuffs in order and keep clutter at bay.

1. Store Off Season Clothes

If it’s summer don’t keep clothes for cold season on the rack or on your shelves. Store them away so you can keep them clean and not have to pick them up on the floor every time you’re choosing what to wear. This keeps them in good condition and saves space in your closet. You can then take them out when it’s the season to wear them and store the previous season’s clothes away.

2. Organize Your Closet

Sort your clothes and decide what organizers you need and what your closet or cabinet allows. For example, if your closet has a hanging rod but you want more shelving, then you can buy hanging shelving to store clothes you don’t want stretched out on hangers. You can do the same for bags and other accessories

3. Use a Garment Rack

To clear more space in your closet, use a garment rack to hang clothes you use most of the time such as your favorite jacket, blazer or shawl; your go-to jeans and blouse, etc. You can also hang your favorite accessories here such as your fave scarf, hat, sunglasses, handbag, etc. The floor space can be used to line up your shoes too.

4. Organize Your Accessories

Gather your accessories and sort them out. Do you have a lot of bracelets or watches? You can DIY an accessory organizer customized to your collection so you can easily display them on your dresser or DIY separators to organize them neatly in your drawers. You can also DIY or purchase a jewelry organizer that you can hang in your closet or on a wall to save more space. You can also hang your scarves and belts for easier access. This makes it easier to see what you have so you can easily decide what to use.

5. Display Your Shoes

If you have the wall space, use tension rods to display your shoes or get shoe organizers the you can hang on your door. This means you don’t have to go thru boxes each time you need to select what shoes to wear with your outfit.

These quick tips to organize your wardrobe might take some work but it’s all worth it. If you can see what clothes and accessories you have, you will be able to use all of them. Having them organized also lets you spend less effort trying to remember what you have and searching for what you want. Remember that you only need a few basic pieces in your closet to stay stylish and chic.

First published in Pinoy Smart Living on 04.20.2019
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