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Whether we like it or not, challenges are part of our everyday lives. We will encounter challenges no matter how good, smart and careful we are. It does not matter whether you are a child, a student, an employee, a housewife or an entrepreneur; you are not exempted. Everyone has to go through them on a daily basis. We may not be able to avoid the challenges that come our way but we have the power to choose our attitude to whatever life throws at us. What is important is to have a positive attitude.

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

– Dennis S. Brown

While we cannot choose the problems that come our way, we can choose however, how we react to it. Don’t let a problem ruin your day. Yes, you can get angry, you can get mad or you can cry out your pain and frustrations but only for awhile. Once you have released your negative emotions, you need to take a deep breath and calm down.

It is difficult to completely change your mood from negative to positive especially if the problem you are facing is heavy. However, for the little things in life such being stuck in traffic or having to deal with a difficult co-worker; you need to change your attitude. Don’t let your whole day be ruined by simple things. Have a positive attitude. A positive attitude will lead to a good day and good days will lead to a good life.

Have a fresh start in life. Let go of all the negative emotions. Always choose to have a good day!

First published in Pinoy Smart Living on 07.10.2019.
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