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hings You Can Do Right Now to Reset Your Health
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There are many things that you can do right now to help you reset your health. Keeping our immune system healthy is our first defense from any sickness. Diet and exercise are not the only factor that affect the efficiency of our immune system.

Maintaining our overall health requires us to live a healthy lifestyle. That may sound like a difficult thing to do and it can be overwhelming. So the trick is to start with the small stuff. Check out some of the things you can do right now to start resetting your health.

Boost Your Water

If you’re the type who keeps forgetting to drink their daily recommended water intake of 8 glasses per day, then it’s the first thing you should do upon waking up. For the rest of the day, aim to drink 2-3 liters a day to boost your body’s hydration. Keep a pitcher of water beside you with a glass so you can drink frequently as you work on your desk.

You can also boost your water by adding lemon slices to it. Infuse your water with the flavor of your favorite fruits by adding fruit slices. Of course, you can also drink some hot tea or fresh fruit juices for added health benefits. This is one of the simplest things you can right now to reset your health.

Stay Off Sugar

Sugar is one of the most inflammatory ingredients that you can eat. Try to limit your sugar intake by avoiding sodas, chips and other processed foods. Sugar is in most of the packaged goods that we often buy in supermarkets and groceries so learn to read the labels. If you can’t avoid it, at least choose to get the item with less sugar. This is one of the most effective ways to reset your health. It might be difficult but it will have a major effect once you implement this habit.

Another way to reduce your sugar intake is to reduce carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, noodles, crackers, cereals, etc. in your diet. These carbohydrates are easily reduced to sugar when processed by your body. Instead, opt for more complex carbohydrates with more nutritional value such as baked or roasted sweet potatoes, nuts, beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Eat More Protein

Protein is a more stable energy source that does not cause a spike in your blood sugar levels like sodas can. So try to have a source of protein for each meal throughout the day. More protein in your meal also helps you feel fuller longer so you reduce your hunger pangs. This one of the ways to get optimal nutrition from the food you eat.

Some of the protein-rich food you can add to your diet are beans, legumes, and nuts. You can also keep sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in your stash so you have some protein to grab when you just want to munch something. Having a bag of these with you while are traveling, also helps you stave off unhealthy sugar cravings. These can also power you up in the meantime ,if you can’t sit down to a full meal yet.

Get More Sunshine

Try to wake up earlier and spend at least 10 minutes outdoors to soak in the warmth of morning sun. We know it gives us Vitamin D but it also helps us calm down and set our mood for the day.

Get your daily dose of sunshine from 6AM to 9AM so you don’t get sunburned. If possible, try to wear clothes that allow you to expose as much of your skin so you can absorb more of it. However, don’t go out in the middle of the day (past 9AM) without any sunscreen as this is not healthy at all. Sunshine is gentler and more beneficial in the early morning hours so aim for that window of time to your daily dose of Vitamin D. This is a habit that you can integrate into your daily routine right away to help your reset your health.

Go For A Stretch

This is best done in the early mornings (and get your sunshine at the same time) or later in the afternoon. Taking a walk or a jog not only helps us stretch some muscles; it’s also a good way to calm down to start our day or to wind down to end our work day.

Walking or jogging can help you fulfill your requirement of at least 10 minutes of exercise daily. If you’re an active exercise, then this can be part of your warm-up or cool down routine. If you can’t go out to do this, then gentle exercise like yoga is a good alternative. You can also try out more active forms of movements that require much equipment such as pilates, barre or HIIT workouts.

Get More Sleep

You can’t wake up early if you can’t sleep properly. It’s important to schedule a time to unplug and wind down after a day’s work. This is signaling your body to prepare for sleep. So turn off your social media apps at least an hour before your sleeping time.

What else can you do to ensure better sleep? Don’t drink water 3 hours before your sleep time so you don’t interrupt your sleep to empty your bladder. Don’t eat foods that are too stimulating so you can fall asleep naturally. Sugar and caffeine are stimulants that you should avoid in the evenings. Also, stretching is a great way to help you normalize your sleep cycle and get a deeper sleep. So do some stretching before bed as well.

Start A Journal

We often think of a journal as a diary of our most private thoughts and secrets and it can be that. But there are some types of journals that we can use to helps us organize our life and maintain our mental and emotional health (read: keep our sanity). All you need is a notebook and a pen to start journaling.

Start a bullet journal to help you schedule your day. Each morning or the night before, sit down and jot down your tasks for the day, for the week even. This way, you can go through your daily tasks with a sense of purpose and not just to get through the day. At the end of the day, you can review what items you have completed. Having a sense of accomplishment is a great way to feel good about your day. Another journal you can do at the end of the day is a gratitude journal. You can do it as a list or write an essay of the things you are grateful for this day. Counting your blessings helps keep you in a positive mindset so you can go to sleep in a lighter mood. Journaling can help you organize your mind right away so you can feel motivated to reset your health and work on your other goals.

Self Care Time

Throughout the day, we may feel the need to take a breather from all our chores and work tasks. Don’t feel guilty about it or think of yourself as selfish for taking some time out to just be alone with your thoughts or to do something on your own. We often forget our own needs and wants to make time for other people. So develop the habit of giving yourself some loving throughout the day.

You can enjoy your favorite food and savor the moment. Be mindful of it’s taste and textures so you can appreciate the moment more. You can give yourself a hand massage and do it slowly; savoring each comforting moment. Sometimes, we just want to sit down and not think of anything. Take 10 minutes to meditate. Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. If you are doing this at work, set a timer so you don’t end up neglecting your work. If you’re at home, you can take the time to read your favorite book, make some art, indulge in a hobby, water and talk to your plants too.

These are just some of the small things you can do right now to reset your health. Start with one and tailor it to your daily routine. You will find that you feel better as the days go by; not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

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