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Tips on How to Look Good in Virtual Events
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Virtual meetings and webinars are the new normal. As much as we want to go back to in-person meetings and events; that still seems a long way off. We need to accept that we are living in a digital world and life will go on whether we like to or not.

While we are pondering on how to adapt to this new way of living; we still need to make a living and interact with our colleagues or with fellow participants in virtual events. We do still hope for in-person activities to be convenient again. While we are still compelled to work from home, here are some tips on how to look good in virtual events, whether it’s a webinar or your virtual office meeting.

1. Ensure Clear Audio

Looking good virtually also means sounding good. Having clear audio reception is important for you to hear your colleagues and speakers clearly. On your end, ensure that you also have clear audio without feedback or echo so you can also be heard clearly.

Stay in a room that doesn’t have much noise from household activities. For example, you might want to stay away from the kitchen or the living room if your family members are washing dishes or the kids are playing or watching TV.

BETTER OPTION: For better quality audio, replace your phone’s earbuds with a USB headset that has noise cancelling features. You can also opt for a desk microphone which you can combine with a single earbud headphone to avoid feedback or echo.

2. Ensure Clear Video

Your low-quality laptop or phone camera may make you look blurry. It won’t show a clear impression of you or that nice shade of lipstick you’re wearing. The way you look on video is a big deal for virtual events. After all, video is how you present yourself to other people.

Good lighting can fix this issue. Make sure that you are facing a light source. So put a desk lamp beside your laptop or face the window for natural light. A ring light could also be a great light source for better-looking video. Also, stay in a room where you won’t be disturbed so you won’t be distracted too.

BETTER OPTION: A standard HD webcam can fix poor video issues. If you have a DLSR camera just lying around; use that instead of your laptop or mobile phone’s built-in camera.

3. Pick the Right Angle

You want to show your best angle in your pictures but this may not be applicable during virtual meetings. Look good for your virtual events with the right angle. Your camera should be at eye level so you don’t look too high up or too low down. This way your colleagues won’t have a hard time looking at you when you’re talking because of the awkward angle.

If your laptop or desktop is too low, adjust the monitor so it’s eye level. Use some books to prop up your laptop or monitor if it’s too low. Your chair might be too high or too low, so adjust accordingly. Use pillows to prop yourself up if your chair is too low.

BETTER OPTION: There are a lot of laptop and monitor stands available that you can use to ensure the right height for virtual meetings.

4. Have a Calm Background

A busy looking or chaotic background could be an eyesore and distracting to you and your colleagues. Aside from proper lighting, a pleasant-looking background will add to the ambiance of your space. You can also use your meeting platform’s settings to change your background in the video.

Calm backgrounds make you look more organized and professional. So ensure that your desktop background or wallpaper is also uncluttered and organized. This way you are prepared to share your screen during presentations. You can also opt to hide files not related to your meeting so you keep things looking professional.

BETTER OPTION: A white board that covers a substantial part of your back wall is a good option to use as background. You can also use curtains to have a softer but calm background in your videos.

5. Dress for The Occasion

The most professional and good-looking thing on your video should be you. So be sure to be dressed appropriately. We have seen a lot of behind-the-scenes and bloopers of TV broadcasters in their suit but wearing shorts and slippers.

You can do this too if you’re sure that you won’t need to get up from your chair during your meeting. So to be safe, dress yourself accordingly. Put your top and bottoms on so you can look professional and make a good impression even if your colleagues see you walking out of your screen. Check if you have the closet must-haves as you can use these for a casual-business look.

BETTER OPTION: Wear your office clothes including your shoes. This doesn’t only make you look good and professional; it will also help you improve and maintain your confidence throughout the meeting or webinar. Ensure that your whole outfit is comfortable. This way, you don’t end up scratching yourself absent-mindedly while you’re answering a question from your boss.

We hope these tips help you get more comfortable with virtual meetings and webinars. Make sure that you have a good home office setup so you can maintain your productivity while you work from the comfort of your home.

Feature Image: Original Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash.

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