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The Chakras: Your Energy Centers
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The chakras are your energy centers. Most of us have heard about the chakras and may even be familiar with some of them. There are different models or concepts of the chakra systems. The most well-known chakra system has 7 energy centers and is mostly used in yoga exercises. Based on Human Design, there are 9 energy centers in the human body. This is because some of the chakras were split into 2 which expanded their meanings into more specific functions.

What are Chakras?

Chakra (cakra in Sanskrit) means “wheel” or disc that represents the energy points or energy hubs of the body. This is where you manage your own energy or life energy as well as the energies around you. The 7 main ones are located along the spine starting from the base up to the crown of the head. They are located in the astral body (or our energy body) and that is why we cannot see them or touch them. However, some people can feel them responding to certain stimuli or experiences at different points in their life journey.

Each chakra radiates its own color and energy and relates to specific aspects of our lives. They also coincide with specific glands or organs in the body. That’s why when they are blocked; we often experience illness in the specific organ related to it. This is why it is important to learn how to manage and balance your energy and how to protect yourself from unwanted external energy.

The 9 Chakras or Energy Centers

There are 9 energy centers in the Human Design Bodygraph which also includes the 7 chakras with 2 chakras split into 2. In Human Design, we have different energy types which depend on which energy centers are defined or open and through which energy channels they flow through. Your energy centers also help you fulfill your role in life based on your design.

Defined energy centers (colored in the Bodygraph) means that that energy center can provide you with consistent energy which you can rely on. Open energy centers (white in the Bodygraph) means that the energy is coming from outside and you can’t rely on it because it is not your energy.

HEAD CENTER (Pressure Center)

This is the top triangle in the bodygraph. It is where the mental pressure to think is located. It is also the center for inspiration, ideas and willpower. This center has the energy to think through your doubts and have an interesting perspective.

If it is open in your bodygraph, then this center takes on and amplifies the thoughts of others which can make you feel overwhelmed. It pressures you into doing things that are not actually your concern. To avoid this situation, you need to use your own personal strategy to evaluate which ideas are yours and which are from others.

AJNA CENTER (Awareness Center)

This is also called the Mind Center is the 2nd triangle in the bodygraph. It is the center for how you think, for ideas, conceptualization and analysis, as well as thoughts and insights. This allows you to feel confident about your opinions and have a consistent way of viewing information. This is also where the third eye is located.

When open, you will feel pressure to commit to a fixed opinion which may result in anxiety about the inconsistency of your opinions. This compels you to overcompensate by giving others an impression of certainty. However, you do not have to have a fixed opinion on anything. You can always keep an open mind and have a different perspective about things as you learn more.

THROAT CENTER (Manifestation Center)

The top square in the bodygraph and the center for communication and the manifestation of ideas. This is where all energy in the body is expressed, usually in a fixed and consistent way. This is why it is considered the center of manifestation, transmutation and transformation because whatever you say becomes reality.

If undefined or open, you can have an inconsistent voice. You can feel anxious before you feel pressured to speak. You maybe compelled to say or express something just to relieve the pressure on your throat. If this is you, then keep in mind that it is okay to pause and just listen. Don’t be pressured to fill the silence unless you really want something to say.

G CENTER (Identity Center)

The diamond on the bodygraph, it is the self center or identity center. It represents a fixed sense of self and expresses love in a stable and consistent way. It is also the center for guiding your direction in life.

When undefined, you feel inconsistent in your self and identity, compelling you to adapt to changing situations. You may feel that you need to hold unto a specific identity to get some sense of security. You may even suffer from “impostor syndrome”. Instead of trying to define yourself; don’t force yourself into a box and spend more time with people who are supportive of your insecurities and accept you for who you are.

HEART CENTER (Motor Center)

The small triangle on the bodygraph, it is a motor center as well as the center for ego, willpower and values. This is where you feel that you are making healthy commitments but it can also make you appear stubborn or assertive to other people.

An undefined heart center can make you feel pressured to prove yourself to others and to keep improving. This may also make you feel a lack of self-worth. Make sure that you don’t make promises that you’re not sure you can keep so you don’t burn out from doing things you don’t really want to.

SPLEEN CENTER (Awareness Center)

This is the left triangle on the bodygraph. It is the center for primal awareness, instinct, intuition, time consciousness and survival. The spleen center is connected to the lymphatic system and has its own sense of intuition. It functions to guide you in the moment. This is where your fight or flight instinct usually comes from.

When open, it can make you feel vulnerable and insecure, making you act impulsively. You may struggle with unhealthy behaviors including time-keeping. You may also find it hard to know when you need to let go of things. Learn to trust your own energy and intuition to help you know when to let go of things that no longer serve you. Try to create a system to help you manage your time and commitments better.

EMOTIONAL SOLAR PLEXUS CENTER (Awareness and Motor Center)

This is the right triangle in the bodygraph; a motor center and also the center for awareness and emotional energy. Your emotions come to you in waves which are also fluctuating. It takes you some time to make decisions because you need to process your feelings to avoid making rash decisions.

The undefined solar plexus center will absorb and amplify the emotional energy of others. You often try your best not to act or behave emotional so you can avoid conflict with others. Instead of dwelling on the highs and lows of the emotions you are experiencing; feel free to shake them off as they are not yours. Take time to release all the negative energy you have absorbed.

SACRAL CENTER (Motor Center)

The upper bottom square in the bodygraph. It is a motor center and the source of life force and reproduction. As a response motor, it regenerates through fulfilling activities.

An undefined sacral center has an inconsistent access to life energy and instead takes on and amplifies the sacral energy of those around them. This can result to being addicted to indulging in the sacral energies around you. You need to learn to recognize your limits so you don’t take in more energy than you can manage and avoid burnout.

ROOT CENTER (Pressure and Motor Center)

The lower bottom triangle, it is connected to the adrenal system, which means it is the center for adrenaline energy, adrenal pressure and stress. It moves energy in the body to fuel your activities such as exercise. This center provides consistent energy which compels you to be active throughout the day.

If undefined, it amplifies adrenal stress and pressures you to do things to keep you busy. This is why it is the center most often abused by the pressures of daily life; making us work more and forget to rest. You need to remember that the pressure to do something is normal but you don’t need to always say yes to that pressure. You need time to rest and relax to release the pressure so you can be more productive.

Get more information about your own energy centers by going to the Jovian Archive to get your body graph.

Featured Image: Original Photo by Karolina Grabowska.

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