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Understanding Positive and Negative Energy in Life
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We are all born with a basic understanding of positive and negative energy in life. However, as we grow older, we tend to ignore this ability and suppress it instead. Most of us go through life unaware that we are able to sense energy around us as well as within us. In fact, it is a useful skill that can guide us through many challenges in our daily life.

You Are Made of Energy

As adults, most of us are running on autopilot. We plan our day according to a schedule, not minding the different emotions we feel at different moments. You must have heard of the concept that everything around us is energy. In fact, our bodies can be considered living energy fields. Energy is not something we can see but it is something we can definitely feel. It influences a lot of our decisions and actions in our daily life. Have you ever felt suddenly “down” or experienced a “high” from an activity or experience? These are examples of how energy affected your mood and thoughts. Think of other experiences where you were able to feel these different energies and how you acted according to them.

Energy Can Be Sensed

As a living energy field yourself, you are constantly projecting energy towards your environment and other people. In return, you are also able to sense other people’s energies. A simple way to “sense” energy is to rub your hands together until they feel warm. Then hold your hands parallel to each other with some space in between. Don’t you feel a warmth in between your palms that is not the same energy as outside of your palms? Have someone else do this and feel the energy in between their palms yourself. Another example is the feeling you get before heavy rain comes and after the rain. Aren’t the energies in your environment completely different? Do you feel positive or negative energy when it rains? How about after a rain?

Energy is Useful

Have you meet people that made you feel like they’re giving off “bad vibes”? Do you have a friend whom you are always magnetized to because you feel good whenever you’re around them? These people are giving off different kinds of energy and you are reacting to them based on your own energy too. This feeling that you get every time you meet someone or go somewhere is your intuition. It’s an invisible way to guide you in your actions. You know that there is a mind-body connection. Sometimes, how you act is a reaction to how you feel. It can also be a reaction to how others feel even when they don’t tell you about it.

Good Vibes vs Bad Vibes

We are all energy antennas, broadcasting and receiving energy all the time. It is useful to learn when we are interacting with positive or negative energy. People with negative energy usually make us feel tired, exhausted, sad or even angry. If they are constantly projecting this kind of energy, they may even become toxic people that others avoid. If your energy is the same, then you may actually like being around them. After all, misery wants company. On the other hand, people with positive energy tend to attract other people with the same energy. They make each other feel good, calm, safe and relaxed, even joyful. They also generally have a positive outlook in life and are able to treat others with generosity and kindness.

Managing Your Energy

Energy is constantly flowing through us and around us. So if you are always having negative thoughts, this does not mean your are stuck being a negative person for life. Even people with positive energy can have their moments of negativity sometimes. Your energy is affected by your past life experiences, your mindset and your general perception of the world. The good news is, you can always shift your energy at any time. No matter your history, all you need is to focus in the moment to shift your energy and the type of energy that flows towards you and from you. Ask yourself: What kind of energy do I want to be right now?

Increase Your Positive Energy

There are many ways to increase your positive energy. Calming your mind through meditation is a good start. This will help you control which thoughts to pay attention to more. So you should focus on your positive thoughts. Try being mindful of small the moments and spend time appreciating them. This will lead you into developing personal gratitude, which makes it easier for you to feel grateful towards others too. In turn, you will develop a more positive mindset and outlook in life which will also attract towards you more people who have similar attitudes.

Your Energy Matters

Being aware of your energy and the energy around you allows you to be more in control of your life. Instead of being a slave to your usual thoughts and emotions; you can control your reactions so that it benefits you. For example, if you are already feeling “bad vibes” from someone inviting to join them for a night out; then it would be wiser to just decline so you don’t get influenced by their negative energy. You can also increase the chances of someone agreeing with you on a difficult issue if you approach them with the positive energy of understanding instead of a combative attitude. There are many things that can affect your energy but being aware of it is the first step to managing it. Be sure to schedule more fun into your activities and develop better habits to help improve your good mood.

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