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10 Power dressing must haves in a woman's closet
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Clothes are an important part of projecting an image of confidence, power and success.  It influences how others see you. Although we should not judge a person based on appearances, it is a fact that people always have and will always judge a person by his or her appearance.  That’s the psychology of dressing. That’s why if we want to become more successful, we must start with projecting a powerful persona. If you think that money is an issue in power dressing, think again.  You can actually achieve that power dressing fashion style even when you are on a budget as long as you have the basics. All you need are these 10 Power Dressing Must-Haves in a Woman’s Closet.

With power dressing, you can strengthen your image.  You can also boost your confidence level. When you look good, you feel good. This will ultimately lead to better performance. Yes, studies have shown that you can actually dress yourself up for success.

In an ideal world, you will have tons of suit ensembles and gorgeous outfits from great brands.  However, for most of us, starting our day thinking of what to wear to work had become a part of our daily stressful lives. Here’s a short list of power dressing must haves that every woman should have in their closet:

1. Well Made Blazer

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A well made blazer is good for topping off your shirts, dresses and pullovers.  Every woman must have one that is flattering to the silhouette of your body.

2.  Button Up Shirt

Definitely own a white button up shirt and a few other shades that compliment your skin tone.  They never go out of style.

3. Crew Neck Top

In replacement to your button ups, this shirt cut makes you look smart. Yes, even a crew neck t-shirt will do.  Just throw on your favorite blazer.

4. Little Black Dress

Image Credit: TheTrendSpotter

One of the legacies of Coco Chanel, the little black dress is one an essential part in a woman’s closet.  Ideally, it should be in a decent knee length.  It comes in handy when you are on a rush and cannot think of what to put together.  You can wear it for a day in the office to a night out with friends. It is so versatile that you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

5. Pencil Skirt 

Image Credit: GlossyU

A pencil skirt is another piece of clothing that never goes out of style. You can pair this with almost anything.

6. Cigarette Pants

Image Credit: Popsugar

Definitely, not skinny! It should be one that falls just above your ankle. They’re more flattering than the usual office / suit slacks.

  7. Pumps

Every woman should have a black or nude pumps. They give a sharper look and elongate the legs. Wear something with about 2.5 to 3 inches heels to let you move around all day.  You can also opt for a blocked heel for added comfort, unless of course you can do with the towering ones.

8. Tote Bag

When you are always on the go, find yourself a chic and roomy tote bag that would fit your work and personal essentials.

 9. Scarf

Image Credit: CoffeewithPensy

To give your outfit a different look, throw over a scarf. Wrap it around your neck or tie it onto your tote.

  10. Jewelry

A stud earring in diamond or pearl, a necklace with a pendant  or a simple dress watch can be use to complete the look.  Keep it simple and elegant.

Tip: Stick to clothes in Plain and Basic colors. They’re less noticeable when you use them on repeat.


Fashion Advise given by Elisa Antonnette B. Locsin. Ms. Locsin is a wardrobe / fashion stylist for Filipino celebrities.  She has been putting outfits for celebrities for their appearances on print ads, television, movies, concerts and other public appearances for 11 years now.  She is also in-charge of putting together a particular look or theme for  specific projects based on the celebrities’ roles or characters being played on television or movies.

First Published in Pinoy Smart Living on 09.03.2018.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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