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Angel Numbers Messages
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Numbers are everywhere. They are part of our daily lives. You can see them in your cellphone, identification cards, money, plate numbers, reading materials, receipts and even in your clock. However, have you noticed that there is a number sequence that you keep on seeing lately? If you believe in angels and spirit guides; then these repeating numbers may actually be angel messages.

For example, you wake up in the middle of the night, you look at the clock and it says 11:11. The next day, you are in the middle of traffic and a car broke down in front you with a 111 plate number. You then went to the bank and your cue number is 111. If you keep on seeing the same number sequence over and over again, then that is not a coincidence.

The number sequence that seems to be following you around actually means that our angels are trying to send you a message. This is what Paolo Coelho, author of The Alchemist pertains to as signs that the universe is talking to you.

Each of us has a purpose in life. We are not born just to simply pay the bills. God, the universe, or whatever you may call it, wants us to fulfill our destiny. That is the duty of the angels or spirit guides; to guide us to the right path.

To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.

– Paolo Coelho, The Alchemist

So, the next time you keep on seeing number sequence, think of it as a message from your guarding angel. Those number sequences are what you call angel numbers. Each angel numbers pertain to specific meanings based on numerology, the divine belief of numbers and their relationship with events.

Angel Numbers Meaning

Here is a basic guide on the angel numbers and their meaning.


The number 111 is a message from your angel telling you to be aware of your persistent thoughts. Your thoughts will become your reality. That is why you need to choose your thoughts wisely. If you want abundance in life, you need to dwell on positive thoughts.

We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.

– Gautama Buddha


The number 222 means that a new cycle is about to start on a certain aspect in your life. Your angel is telling you that you are on the right track. Whatever decision you have just made, just keep the faith and keep on going forward. Don’t worry and don’t be scared.


The number 333 means that it is time to move on. If there is something that is holding you back or no longer gives you happiness, eliminate whatever it is from your life. It is telling you to take courage because God will respond to your prayer and that your angels are just nearby ready to help you.


The number 444 serves as a reminder that your angels are there supporting, guiding and protecting you from behind the scenes towards achieving your goals. They are reminding you to listen to your intuition. Listen to what your inner voice is telling you.  Also, learn to turn your problems into life lessons.


The number 555 means that there will be a big positive change coming to your life that will bring you closer towards the fulfilment of your life’s purpose. They are telling you that you are ready for the change. And that, you have to prepare yourself.


Contrary to popular belief, the number 666 does not mean that the devil is out there to get you. So, don’t be scared when you keep on seeing the number 666. It is just your angels’ way on telling you to focus on your spirituality. It is a time to pause and reflect on your life. Realign your thoughts. Remove all fears and uncertainties that you are harbouring.


The number 777 is a spiritual number. It is an indication that you are ready to grow spiritually. It is now time to look for how your can be of service to others. Embrace your uniqueness. Your life is no longer just about you. Unleash the genius within youDevelop and use your talents to help others. Know that your efforts will have positive results and that many blessings will soon come your way.


Eight is a number of abundance, infinity and unlimited resources. Seeing the number 888 means financial and material rewards are coming your way. The universe wishes to reward you for sharing your talents with other people. Positive karma is being repaid.


The numbers 999 means completion. A certain aspect in your life is about to come to an end. This closure will bring you one step closer to fulfilling your life purpose. Although it is scary to think that something in your life is ending whether it is a career, a relationship or any other aspect in your life; it means that you grew as a person. You are now moving towards a higher vibration of love, happiness and spirituality.


The number 000 serves as a reminder of your relationship with God. It is the angels telling you that God has provided for you and it is time to thank Him for everything. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. It means your oneness with God. It is encouraging you to pray, meditate and connect with God.

Launch Challenge

Starting today, be aware of your surroundings. Be observant. Learn to listen to your gut and intuition. It would be better if you start to meditate. Remember that your guardian angels are there to guide you. You just need to learn to follow the signs.

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