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Do You Know About Environmental Wellness?
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Do you know about environmental wellness? Are you environmentally well? Having a healthy environment is important. It is where we go about pursuing our goals. It is important that our environment makes us feel safe to express our authentic ourselves. We should feel safe enough to do what we want to do, and receive support from our social circle too.

One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.

– Leo Tolstoy

In reality, not everyone is in an ideal environment to stay healthy and focused on self growth. However, there are some things that we can do to improve our environment. Here are 10 questions you can ask yourself to assess your environmental wellness.

Are You Taking Care of Your Environment?

Ask yourself: Do I …

  • Make a conscious effort to conserve energy (by shutting off lights when not in use, keeping doors closed to preserve cool air, walking, biking, or carpooling, etc.) whenever I can?
  • Purchase energy-efficient products and sustainable materials when possible?
  • Make a conscious effort to conserve water at home and in other places I go to?
  • Do my part to reduce air pollution (by keeping my car tuned up, having plants around my living space and home, etc.)?
  • Make a conscious effort to not litter (bringing reusable water tumblers, etc.)?
  • Recycle and use recyclable products?
  • Buy organic and sustainable products even though they can be more expensive?
  • Buy from local farmers and businesses whenever I can even though it can be more expensive?
  • Spend time to support environmental organizations and activities?
  • Keep myself updated on current environmental issues as well as potential solutions and strategies?

There are many more things that we can do to help us achieve and maintain our environmental wellness. Being mindful of how we contribute to environmental issues is a small step that we can do right away. Then, we can start making conscious efforts to reduce our negative impact on the environment. In our own homes, we can start by clearing our space of negative energy and decluttering. This way, we can have clarity on how we can improve all dimensions of our wellness.

Featured Image: Original Photo by Lucas Allmann from Pexels.

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