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Are You Socially Well?
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Are you socially well? When we think of the social aspect of our life; what comes to mind are usually our family and the friends we hang out with. We consider them as the closest people to us. They often compose our inner circle. However, we have other social circles outside of this inner circle. They provide us support in various ways. Our team at work can be one of these social circles.

What is Social Wellness?

Social wellness is having and maintaining positive connections with family, friends, colleagues and others. The keyword here is “positive connections”. When you think of the people in your different social circles; they should give you a pleasant feeling. These are the people you want to talk to and be around with in different life situations. They should provide you a safe space to be yourself and express your dreams and goals.

Having a lot of friends and family around you – that’s all a part of wellness.

Stella Maxwell

It would help if you draw your different social circles on paper and put the names of the people in each circle. There may be people who are in more than one circle and that’s ok. Then, ask yourself these questions to assess if you are socially well right now.

  1. Are you able to assert your wants or needs and express your feelings clearly when communicating with other people? (You are not being passive or aggressive.)
  2. Are you able to balance your social and personal time?
  3. Are you actively engaged with other people in your community? (e.g., Do you know and/or talk with your neighbors? Do you join volunteer activities?)
  4. Are you able to adapt to different social situations?
  5. Are you able to be your self in all situations?
  6. Do you treat others with respect?
  7. Do you make time for, and enjoy your solitude/private time?
  8. Do you implement boundaries in your relationships?
  9. Are the people in your social circles supportive of you and each other?
  10. Do you have fun when you are with the different people in your circles?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, then you are well on your way to achieving social wellness. The areas where you answered NO are the ones that you should try to develop and improve. Remember though, that these are just general questions. If you really want a thorough assessment, then it is best to consult an expert.

Why is Social Wellness Important?

Social wellness is important because it serves as our support network in our different life challenges. Each of our social circles give us support in different ways. That is why it is important to have different social circles aside from your inner circle or close friends and family.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Having a healthy social network also helps us in developing and improving our other dimensions of wellness. For example, if you have buddies who love exercising; they can encourage you to exercise and eat healthy so you can maintain your physical health. You may also have a group of friends who are good at managing their money or who are knowledgeable at investing. They can certainly help you develop your financial wellness. Your different social circles can give you advise in different ways and areas of your life.

Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.

Deborah Day

The good thing about having different social circles is that you are able to encourage and boost each other’s confidence. You can also use your different skill sets to help each other achieve a common goal that can benefit more people. Not only are you keeping yourself socially well; you are also able to help other people outside your social circles.

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