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When we talk about wellness, the first thing that comes to mind is physical wellness. While your physical condition is an important aspect of your overall health, it is not the only determining  factor of your general well-being. To be totally healthy, other factors should also be taken into consideration. One of them is your emotional health.

Emotional Wellness

What is emotional wellness? Emotional wellness is an awareness and understanding of one’s feelings. It also encompasses the ability to face and conquer life’s challenges.

Your feelings are important because they affect your ability to carry out your day to day activities. When you feel great, it leads to increased productivity. In addition, it also affects your social wellness and how you deal with other people. Individuals who are emotionally healthy treat others well.

Being emotionally well does not necessarily mean that you always have to be happy. Everyone has to go through problems and challenges in life. To be happy all the time is impossible. Rather, it is more about how you deal with problems that come your way. It is about how you deal with pain, how you handle emotions and how you cope with stress. Your emotional wellness dictates your ability to get through the low points in your life.

Are You Emotionally Well?

So, are you emotionally well? Determine the state of your emotional well-being by self-reflecting on the following questions:

  1. Are you constantly worried about the future?
  2. Do you still worry about what happened in the past?
  3. Do your family and friends support you?
  4. Have you had a traumatic experience that has greatly affected you?
  5. Do you feel so alone despite the presence of family and friends around you?
  6. Do you beat yourself up over mistakes that you have committed?
  7. Are you satisfied with yourself and your accomplishments?
  8. Do you keep everything to yourself?
  9. Do you always blame others for your feelings?
  10. Can you still remember the wrongdoing that was done to you in detail despite the fact that it happened years ago? Do you hold grudges? 
  11. Do you always lament on what is missing from your life?
  12. Are you easily irritated? Do you get all worked up over small meaningless things?
  13. Do you have low self-esteem?
  14. Are you skeptical? Do you have a hard time believing in people?
  15. Do you hide yourself from social situations?
  16. Is it difficult for you to laugh at life’s absurdities? Do you not have a sense of humor?
  17. Do you let your mood affect your decision-making and the way you communicate with other people?
  18. Are you doing things that mean a lot to you?
  19. Do you no longer enjoy activities that you usually enjoy?
  20. Do you feel tired and weak these days?

If you answered YES to more than ten questions, then that is a sign that you are emotionally exhausted. It is possible that you are going through a rough patch in life. These are also warning signs that you need to take some time off to heal your emotional wounds. Remember that you are strong.  Stay positive. Start a gratitude journal. Believe in yourself. It is the only way for you to rise above the storm. You will be emotionally well in due time.

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