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Christmas Parties While Socially Distanced
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Are you participating in Christmas parties while socially distanced this year? The holiday season doesn’t seem to be complete without the presence of our loved ones. A family reunion is always anticipated at this time of year but we may have to skip this annual tradition. In a time of social distancing, traveling for a holiday reunion is not only inconvenient. It is also risky to the health of you and your loved ones.

Fortunately, we can let our creativity solve this dilemma. Since most of us have been working from home, why not do the same for our annual get-togethers? Check out these 8 ways to enjoy socially distanced Christmas parties.

Countdown Party

While the whole family can’t go out and enjoy the usual light shows and countdown parties; you can hold the event from the comfort of your own homes instead.

Have all family members go online at the same time and count down the seconds as you welcome Christmas Day. You can also do this for the New Year too! For more fun, you can watch an online Christmas light show together and join in on the countdown.

Decorating Party

Many of us may still be working before Christmas Eve and don’t have time to actually do some decorating. Get together with friends and loved ones who are in the same boat and do a decorating party.

Be sure to take pictures of your decorations and send to each other afterwards. Also, don’t forget to take a group shot of your virtual party with your completed decorations in the background. If you and your friends have just recently started working from home; you can showcase each other’s workspace instead.

Drinking Party

For those us who just want to enjoy the holidays with an abundance of our favorite beverage, then a drinking party is in order. Invite your drinking buddies to this party and have fun together.

Stock up on your favorite drinks and engage in your usual drinking session. Chat away the night with funny jokes, anecdotes and stories. Stock up on food that you usually eat with your favorite drinks too. Just make sure that none of you gets so drunk that you fall asleep. You do have to stay sober to enjoy this virtual activity. Then again, this is a fun anecdote to remember for your next drinking party. Don’t forget to prepare some hangover remedies too to comfort yourself the next morning.

E-Caroling Party

Parties are sometimes not complete without the background of jolly Christmas songs. Why not make an event out of it and give away prizes to winners too?

Setup a virtual get-together and have different families or groups of teens and kids sing their Christmas songs in order. Family elders can be the judge of each performance. Of course, everyone may end up winning but that’s even more fun!

Karaoke / Videoke Party

Is karaoke or videoke a popular past time in your family? If everyone has one in their homes, then get together for your own music festival of sorts.

Setup the karaoke / videoke machine and take turns singing your favorite songs to each other. No karaoke or videoke? Just go online and sing along to your favorite artist. Make sure that you don’t hog the mic all to yourself though and let others take their turn. Each singer can dedicate their song to another family member. This is an endearing way to apologize to someone too. Sing them a song that truly reflects your sorrow at not being able to talk to them. Tell them how much you appreciate them thru your choice of song.

Noche Buena and Media Noche Party

Food is always the star of the holidays so why not virtually showcase each other’s holiday goodies? Bonding over your favorite food is always a nice way to connect with loved ones.

Make the party extra special by cooking your favorite goodies and sending some to other family members. You can also go online and order for them instead. You can also swap recipes and cooking secrets as you enjoy each other’s special foodie treat. Don’t over indulge though. Keeping yourself healthy during the holidays is one gift you need to give to yourself.

Sweater Party

Are ridiculous and funny Christmas sweaters a part of your family tradition? If so, why not host a Christmas Sweater Party and see who bags the funniest or ugliest sweater?

You can add your own categories and have your grandparents or older family members, or even the kids, be the judge. For more fun, have the participants introduce themselves in the character or theme of their sweater.

Unboxing Party

Have you sent out your gifts to everyone in the family this year? If so, why not schedule an unboxing of each other’s Christmas gifts. You can raffle off the order of who will open theirs first. You can schedule this on Christmas day.

The good thing about this unboxing is that both the giver and the receiver can say their intentions and give their thanks as the gifts are being opened. You can even share anecdotes on how you decided on the gift or share funny stories on how you finally found it.

These are just some of the Christmas parties that you can enjoy while socially distanced with your family and friends. We’re sure that you already have other ideas in mind as you browse through this list. With virtual parties, you can still spend time with your family while saving up on travel costs.

Whatever type of virtual party you decide to do; just make sure to keep everything light and fun. Don’t forget to be grateful for the blessing of being able to spend happy times with your loved ones this holiday season and in the new year.

Feature Image: Original Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash.

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