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Home Care Tips for People with Little Time
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Too busy with work to actually clean the whole house? Your home is one of the places where you should feel safe, so it is important to keep it feeling clean and safe. Here are some home care tips for people like you, who have little time to do regular home cleaning. These will save you a lot of time while allowing you to keep your home looking and feeling clean.

1. Spend 15 Minutes to Clean What You Can

Do a 15-minute cleaning routine. Schedule 15 minutes in the morning, noon or night to check all around the house and clean what you can. Put things back in their proper places, wipe and sweep and throw out what needs to be removed. This way, the number of things you need to keep in order and to clean doesn’t pile up. Doing a little every day means less stress than doing a huge cleanup all in a day. This is one of the home care tips that really works!

2. Clean As You Go and Put Things Back

Clean as you go and put things back in their proper place once you’re done using them. This is one of the easiest ways to keep things in order and looking clean. So wash the dishes after every meal including the pots and pans you used for cooking. Wipe the oil splatter on the stove top as well. Put the remote back into its place once you’re done watching TV. Store the vacuum cleaner properly as soon as you’re done using it. Also, fold the laundry as soon as you see that they’re thoroughly dry. It’s little things like these that keep your space looking clean and in order.

3. Keep Cleaning Supplies Where You Need Them

In order to have a more efficient cleaning routine, make sure that you have the cleaning supplies you need ready at all times. Keep the cleaning supplies you need each time in a caddy that you keep in one place. This way, it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go around the house to clean things up. Of course, don’t forget to put it back in it’s proper place once you’re done. You can also keep a stock of kitchen towels and cleaning spray in different spots around the house where you need to do some spot cleaning regularly.

4. Keep Your Shoe Rack by the Front Door

One of the ways to get a clean-looking home is to keep dirty shoes off your floor. Having your shoe rack near your front door helps to reduce the dust and dirt that comes into your home. Have indoor slippers for everyone to change into once they get inside the house so they can leave their shoes on the rack. Place the shoe polish and brush near the entrance too so they are easily accessible. A welcome mat is also a great way to stop dirty shoes from going any further into the house.

5. Purify the Indoor Air, Make It Smell Good

Bad odors can ruin your home’s clean atmosphere. An air purifier is a great way to keep your home looking and smelling clean and fresh. You can also create your own cozy, warm atmosphere or light and bright ambiance with the use of scented candles or diffusers. Use it as the final step to your quick cleaning routine. It will not only give you a sense of accomplishment but also signals your brain to transition to work mode since you’re done cleaning. You can even light an incense to not only purify the air but also to clean the energy in your home.

These are some ways to help you keep your home looking clean while keeping dirt and stress away. What other tips do you have to keep your home clean when you have little time?

Feature Image: Original Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay.

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