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How to define your personal style
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What is your personal style? Each person has his or her own distinct characteristic or appearance that is unique to that person alone. And this is what personal style is all about. It pertains to the way a person expresses himself or herself. It encompasses everyone, not just the fashion conscious. Thus, it is important to know how to define your personal style.

Psychology of Dressing

Have you heard of the saying that your outfit is self-expression? Although it does not define who you are as a person, a study reveals that your clothes give passersby a glimpse of your personal psychology. Termed as “enclothed cognition”, it states that clothes have direct influence on the person’s psychological state.

In a book published by clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner entitled “What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You“, the author reveals that simple activities such as shopping and putting together some outfits reveal our personalities, our feelings and even how we think about ourselves. So, more often than not, we are subconsciously giving other people hints on our current emotional state.

The good news is that we can use dressing to our advantage. Did you know that you can dress for success? If you want to become highly successful, you need to learn how to dress the part.

Steps on How to Define Your Personal Style

In the meantime, if you have not defined your personal style yet, here are some steps on how to define your personal style.

1.Stay True to Yourself

There is no right or wrong when it comes to defining your personal style. The key here is knowing yourself, who you are and what your positive traits are when it comes to your body. A stylish individual may or may not follow trends. It is not about being fashionable or trendy but rather it is all about developing your sense of self.

2. Identify Your Fashion Icon

Mentors are important for success. That is why, it is highly important to have one in every aspect of your life. This is also true when it comes to defining your personal style. Who is your fashion icon? As soon as you have figured out who that person is, it is time to do your research. Check out fashion magazines, blogs, interviews and photographs of that person. Take inspiration on how they put together their own personal style. And learn from them.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

So, let’s be realistic. You can’t keep on buying formal wear just like your favorite Hollywood actor or actress wore on the red carpet if you hardly go to any formal events. You will just end up wasting a lot of money. The appropriate thing to do is to look into clothing that best fits your lifestyles. Because at the end of the day, personal style has a lot to do with practicality. What is your job? What are your everyday activities? Then, think of ways on how to incorporate your personal style preferences in your lifestyle.

4. Consider Your Body Type

It is not just your lifestyle that you need to consider, you also need to examine your body type. Let’s face it, not all of us have bodies like models. Whatever your body type is, know what works for you or not. Learn to identify the body part that you want to highlight or downpaly. Wear clothes that flutters your body and accentuates your best features but without revealing too much.

5. Build on Your Basics

The French are known for their classic and timeless fashion style. But did you know what their secret is? They stick to the basics. They build their wardrobe on basic must-have items and build their wardrobe from there. Once they have the basics on, they add a touch of their individuality through fashion accessories.

6. Stay Comfortable

Are you the type of person who is willing to sacrifice comfort just to look stylish and fashionable? If you are willing to take the extra mile, why not? But for the rest of us, comfort should always be a consideration. If you are not comfortable in an outfit, it will show.

Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday.

– Ralph Lauren

Feature Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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