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How to know if a person is sincere
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You will meet a lot of people in your life. Some will have a deep and long-lasting relationship with you while others will simply come and go. Most of them will be nice at first but only a few will remain with you in this journey called life. Sadly, there will be some who will only be nice in the beginning. Once they are already comfortable, or worse if they get what they want from you; then, you will notice the change in their behavior. Actually, there was really no change. What you thought was a change of attitude is actually showing their true selves. What you saw at first was only their persona. That is the reason why to avoid getting hurt, it helps if you have the ability to figure out a person’s true self early into the relationship. But the real challenge is how to know if a person is sincere?

You don’t lose friends, because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you’re better for it.

– Mandy Hale

1. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The first thing to do is to observe the person. Sometimes people tend to say one thing yet do another. If a person is sending mixed signals, then rather than their words, it is best to listen to their actions instead. After all, it is easier to lie with words. Actions are different. It is difficult to sustain an action without sincerity. By observing a person’s actions, it will be easy to figure out whether that person is being sincere or not.

2. Consistency Over Time

Consistency is sincerity. In a relationship, consistency means commitment. It means doing things on a regular basis even for a long time. If a person treat you the same way he/she treats you from the very first time you met that person, then that is a clear sign that the person is sincere.

3. Eyes Are The Windows to the Soul

In many cultures, giving eye contact is a form of respect. It also shows sincerity and honesty. In this modern world, it is so common to see people looking at their cellular phones even in the middle of conversations. Showing respect to another person is giving them your full and undivided attention.

To know if a person is being sincere, look into their eyes. The eyes will reflect a person’s true emotional state. You will know a person’s true feelings towards you because the truth is reflected in a person’s eyes.

4.Giving Without Expecting Anything in Return

Many people do things or favors to others but expect to benefit each time. If you encounter such persons, then be aware that these kinds of persons just want to benefit from the relationship. They might not express it right away but if you sense that they are keeping mental tabs, it is a sign that you should be cautious around such persons.

A sincere person will gladly help or do something for you without expecting anything in return. The true art of giving should not have any strings attached.

5. Treating Everyone Fairly and Equally

Do you notice some people who are extra nice to people who are wealthy or in power? Those kinds of people are your typical examples of hypocritical people. If you know such persons, it is best to stay away from them. A genuine person will treat everyone fairly and equally regardless of race, gender, social status, religion and age.

But always remember if you want to be treated sincerely by other people; you must begin with yourself first. If you treat others sincerely, you will attract the same kind of people in your life for you are the average of five persons you spend the most time with.

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